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I had been invited to a course for Elite Pokémon Masters by some secret branch of Nintendo - the course was for the people who had finished the Red/Blue Gameboy game in some special way, I think.

The course was held in some building near Kuhmo (I can't remember the name of the place right now). We were given orders that before the course, we should

  1. capture 31 each of Bellsprouts and some other easy-to-catch Pokémons, and
  2. turn some part (specific number of map "squares") of the Pokémon game map into desert and a little bit of it to swamp.

I went to the course place, but apparently I had gone there too early. When I returned home in the middle of the night, my sister was still awake. I was unsure of my orders, so I asked her to tell those to me again (I didn't have them on paper). My parents told both of us to go to sleep.

I had considered the task rather hard, because I needed to do that before the next day. I soon noticed, of course, that the task was much easier than I had thought. The map change was soon done (I had accidentally deserted most of the map, and only part of the map had swamp, but apparently that was enough). Capturing the things was likewise fairly easy.

When I got to the course again, I was playing the game, and people around me looked puzzledly at the thing I was playing the game with. It was a big white handheld gamething, with old-fashioned, edgy and rough plastic design, with many connection ports behind it.

(The latter part is easily explained - My sister has Gameboy Color and I still have the original B&W Gameboy. =)