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"I feel, therefore I am."
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I will be here from time to time, My 2006's promise would be to participate a bit more if I have time. It's just that I'm quite a lot more active in that big competititor site. But rest assured I have fond memories of E2, and will be here! Just don't expect lightning-fast responses or anything. (Not that they were particularly lightning-fast when I was active here, either... =)

Writeup copyrights: All of the writeups I have written are copyrighted by me. Unless otherwise specified, all of my writeups are dual-licensed under GFDL and Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license 2.5, and I also give specific permission to appropriate my writeups to Wikipedia under GFDL only.

Note: This licensing does NOT apply to my daylogs and dreamlogs (ie, nodes that have a date as a title, or start with "Dream log:"). If you want to use them elsewhere, contact me at and ask a special permission. I don't know why anyone would bother...

(Above: Actual photograph of yours truly. Avatar by level, Monk by humility. Or that's the idea anyway =)

For recent thoughts, see my scratchpad (link above).

Oh, and I'm probably (if I'm any way allowed to draw my own psychological conclusions) suffering from SAD, so during the winter nights (often when I'm in E2), I'm probably not very cheerful person to talk to. This may get on people's nerves, I apologise. I would do anything to help this if I had the budget...

I don't have much time to be in E2, but I try to be here now more often. It is difficult because i'm busy with the studies. But I hope to be here!

(Really! I try!)


I am here to help myself.
I am here to help you.
I am here to help everybody.

I am called Weyfour WWWWolf, and it is my mission to bring you all happiness and joy. I am deeply sorry if I fail to do so at times, but rightfully happy if I manage to do so every now and then. Life is often far from perfect, but I believe it can be made tolerable.

I want to be nice. I want everyone to be nice.
I regret every moment I fail to be nice.

I look at the battlefield that is our civilization, remember my lost or gone friends, and wish that one day, everyone would learn to live together in peace.

People don't generally trust me with any authority for some reason, so I can just make recommendations. And my recommendation for today is that you think of something soft today. Think of anything that would make you actually happy.

I don't know what's "right" or "proper".
I just do things I feel are right.
Please don't blame me for that.


Ah, the question. I am, as mentioned, called WWWWolf. You may call me that. Or W4. Or, by my real, legally valid name, Urpo Lankinen. Or, Upi or Uu. (I like that last one. =) The name is pronounced /weIfɔ: wwulf/.

I am an anthropomorphic wolf. You know, a furry. Human-like body with fur and gigantic soft wolf-tail and a nice wolf-head. Some say it's noble. Some say it's cute. I dare not comment.

In the so-called "real life", I'm unfortunately still a human. I live in city of Oulu in Finland. I study at Department of Information Processing Science at University of Oulu. I have worked on web design and programming. Born 1979-05-28.

Some random areas of interest (and possibly expertise): Linux, programming (Perl, Java, C/C++, some others), Commodore 64, WWW and web design, Internet culture - Usenet, IRC, Internet communities, and such, Movies (animated in particular, both eastern and western), comics (esp. Disney, some others too), computer and video games (while I'm not too good at them), Battletech, photography and cinematography, art (old and contemporary; furry art and digital art), furries & dragons, music (not focusing on any particular genre), literature (sci-fi and fantasy) ...


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And what about E2?

Member of the following groups:
activecrt <"This place needs more actual content">
edev <not worthy, but I suppose>
outies <...stepped out of the closet, got stuck in the livingroom, woe upon me!...>
E2furries <maybe the group name "bushies" would have been too narrow>
VideoGames <I tend to talk too much and play too little these days, but games are a part of life for me>
RPGers <We play stuff. Online and offline.>

There isn't much I have done to help the user experience here, but please take a look at Slithering Perl Horrors - some of my E2 tools.

"Look at my hand. It's holding the Keys to the Victory. I'm now putting them away." - NNirvi

Here are some of the landmarks of my E2 history.

  • M-Noder since 2001-04-25 18:20:50 server time.
  • First spotted myself on Everything's Best Users list in 2001-10-01. (I never thought that would happen. =)
  • Joined CRT in 2002-02-23, and edev in 2002-05-27. (Okay, so I'm not a wondermaker, but I still try to help.)
  • 1500 writeups at 2002-07-24 16:56:03 server time.
  • Found myself from the 10th spot of the EBU in 2002-08-04... fascinating, considering I'm not even in the Honor Roll!

Here's something to the newbies: First of all, I'm not an editor (don't ask me why - probably because I haven't got the Stare), so if I tell you something, I do it because I thought that was a good idea - not because I thought it was a good idea AND I had the power to actually do something about it. =)
Secondly, I am not a mentor either, but I can help you with any kind of questions about E2, since I have been around for a while and probably know a bit how things supposedly work around here. Feel free to /msg me or E-mail me (the stumbission box and the e-mail address are conviniently located above for this specific purpose).

For those interested in "Cryptozoology"

FCWm3adm A+ C- D H+ M++ P++ R+ T+++ W- Z? Sm+
RLCT/MC a cl+++$ d- e f++ h- iwf++$ j p- sm

Version: 3.12
GCS d- s+: a-- C++ UL+ P++++ L+++ E+++ W+++ N++ o-- K w
O- M- V- PS PE Y+ PGP+ t+ 5 X++ R+ tv b++ DI D
G e h+ !r y

Version: 0.1.2
NF/NFi l+ xp n++ C H+ c+ e #+ d>++ D- p+>++ g N
The "C" code doesn't really apply. I've not coded any of E2's server code (yet), but I've written some client-side utilities for users.

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