Vixen Controlled Library was previously called "Velan Central Library", or just VCL. It's a furry art archive, sort of like Yerf or FurNation, but unlike Yerf, it's not controlled by the Cabal - anyone can upload their art (no silly elitist "quality limits", aside of the fact that sketches and unfinished or otherwise non-nice works must go to Sketches directory that is excluded from the primary new image list), and yiffy artwork is accepted (as is Sonic art and all sorts of art that Yerf! admins don't seem to like for some reason.)

VCL's primary site is on a Swedish server (for the great rejoicing of the Europeans and of much joy for others as well), and is mirrored in USA: (Sweden) (USA)

There used to be an Australian mirror, but that just redirects to US now.

VCL was formerly maintained by Brian Antoine; these days, it's administered by Snout and Ch'marr (Snout maintains the Swedish server, Ch'marr used to maintain the Australian server), and the US mirror is maintained by Kreggan.

(There is no cabal, and of course, Yerf! admins are free to choose what they keep in the archive... I'm not bitter, I've never been a Yerf member or something, just found some things like specific Sonic ban amusing. =)

<PLUG> My art"work" can be seen here: </PLUG>

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