Green aliens, dog robots and paranoid paranormal investigators...

An excellent, if somewhat sick and twisted cartoon created by Jhonen Vasquez for the Nickelodeon cable channel. Jhonen's sense of style and writing seems to have come through faithfully and without too much censorship. His friend Roman Dirge of Lenore fame has shown up in the writing credits as well. For everyone wondering how the creator of JTHM got a Nick show, he was asked by a Nickelodeon executive named Mary Harrington who enjoyed Squee. As you can imagine, Jhonen is somewhat unhappy with the management and forced collaboration that comes with a TV show, but he's managed to stick with it.

Main characters:
Zim - Richard Horvitz - Our little green alien, the incompetent Irken invader of Earth
GIR - Rosearik Rikki Simons - Zim's annoying broken robot, oft disguised as a dog
Dib - Andy Berman - UFO fanatic and the only who realizes the truth about Zim
Gaz - Melissa Fahn - Dib's gothy video game obsessed sister

Supporting characters:
Mrs. Bitters - Lucille Bliss - Zim and Dib's nihilistic old viper of a teacher.
Allmighty Tallest Red and Blue - Kevin Mcdonald and Wally Wingert - The Irken leaders who sent Zim to Earth by accident in the first place in an attempt to get rid of him.
Zim's RoboParents - Zim's robotic parental figures. They were educated in the ways of normal Earth parents by GIR. Oops.

Season One:
1. The Nightmare Begins - Zim's little slipup before an invasion ends up with his banishment and eventual exile to Earth under the guise of softenining it up for conquest. He arrives and meets Dib in school, leading to conflict between the Invader and investigator.
2a. Parent Teacher Night - Zim's robotic parentoid come to school after being tutored by GIR, and there's a few problems...
2b. Walk of Doom - Zim tests GIR's fixed directional chip by taking a walk. Of course, GIR leaves it behind, and Zim tries to find a non-lethal way home.
3a. Bestest Friend - Zim seeks companionship to avoid being found out and put on an autopsy table. Too bad he picks a rather Fatal Attraction-like friend, but Zim knows how to deal with it.
3b. Nanozim - Zim is ambushed at home by Gib for photo proof of his inhumanity, and resorts to a rather fantastic way to dispose of the evidence. Gaz helps, inadvertently.
4a. Germs - Zim catches a War of the Worlds ripoff on the tube, and becomes germphobic after having its message of doom verified by the Irken internet. GIR is as helpful as always.
4b. Dark Harvest - When Zim gets sent to the nurse, he needs to borrow some human organs from the school children to hide his species. Eeew.
5a. Attack of the Saucer Morons - Zim has a run in with UFO fanatics who capture his ship and expose him as an alien. Uh oh. They start worshipping him. Even worse. Best episode ever.
5b. The Wettening - Irkens apparently don't deal well with rain or water in general, and Dib takes full advantage of this until something goes horribly wrong.
6a. Career Day - Blot tests lead to suggested employment choices, and while Dib's happy with his job at first, Zim's fast food career gets unpleasantly interrupted by cosmic forces.
6b. Battle Dib - Dib is invited to describe his findings on Zim to a group of fellow fanatics, but the signed parental permission slip it requires will put him straight in the path of Gaz as he attempts to get into his father's TV show.
7a. A Room With A Moose - Zim attempts to rocket bus his many tormentors to another universe - should Dib bother to save them, even if it means his own death?
7b. Hamstergeddon - Ms. Bitters brings in a pet, and Zim gets an idea from the human reaction to cuteness. Ever see Godzilla?
8a. Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain - Gir is trapped in the house's computer system. He decides to get himself a Taco and takes the house out for a night on the town.*
8b. Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy - Zim tampers with time, replacing items from Dib's past with rubber piggies. Dib is nearly killed... nearly.*
9a. Planet Jackers - Earth is finally set to be destroyed- but not by Zim. He wants to save the destruction for himselfit for himself.*
9b. The Rise of Zitboy - Zim's hypnotic pimple allows him to rule the playground.*
10a. Plague of Babies - Zim is seen out of disguise by a baby. Babys can't talk, though... Or can they?*
10b. Bloaty's Pizza Hog - Gaz just wants supper with her family at Bloaty's. She goes to great lengths to get her brother there on time.*
11a. Bolognius Maximus - Dib is injected with bologna DNA and slowly turns into lunchmeat. He's able to exact revenge, however- but it's too late.*
11b. Game Slave 2 - Gaz really wants the latest, greatest video game system. But Iggins wants it too.*
12. Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom - Dib is trapped inside his own giant head.*

Season Two:
13a. Door to Door - Zim and Gir compete for the top prize in a door-to-door selling contest.*
13b. FBI Warning - Gir rents a video and Zim is spooked by the standard FBI Warning. He breaks into the mall to return the video, but he must get past the security guard.*
* = anotherone wrote it

The official Invader Zim site is at - warning, requires a Flash plugin.

How many shows can you watch these days that will show you a tiny green alien with a bad toupee pull out his human friend’s eyeballs and replace them with mechanical eyes that cause the boy to befriend a squirrel? Probably only one: Jhonen Vazquez’s Invader Zim.

For anyone who knows of Jhonen Vasquez’s work on his comic book Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, the idea of him creating a cartoon for primetime Nickelodeon is preposterous, perhaps even blasphemous. But after watching ten minutes of Invader Zim, the most recent in a long list of successful “NickToons,” even the most faithful Johnny fan will be won over.

Invader Zim, however, is not a typical NickToon. While staples like Doug and Rugrats chronicle the adventures of hopelessly good-natured and moral characters, Zim focuses on the carefully calculated, though essentially doomed attempts by the title character, an alien from the planet Irk, to conquer the Earth. Invader Zim is probably the only show aimed at kids in which the viewer is rooting for the bad guy. This is truly a strange phenomenon. Each time Zim’s evil plans are thwarted, you can’t help feeling he was denied something that should rightfully be his.

The only similarity between Zim and other NickToons is the underdog quality of the main character. Zim, however much he considers himself to be a truly worthy invader, is little more than a trigger-happy, power-hungry child with dreams of domination. Plus, in the Irken society where height is valued above all else, Zim is cursed with being “a tiny thing,” as one of the all-mighty “Tallests” puts it.

The pilot episode begins on Irk, where invaders are being assigned to enemy planets, the most notable being Blorch, the home of the slaughtering rat-people. Zim, who has been banished to the planet Foodcourtia, shows up demanding his own enemy planet to destroy. Instead of a real mission, Zim gets a fake planet and a robot slave named GIR, who is built out of trash and the contents of the Tallests’ pockets. He is then sent out into the galaxy, never to be heard from again.

Or so the Tallests think.

After six months in a spaceship with GIR, who spends the entire trip singing the “doom song,” which is by far the most hilarious segment of the episode, Zim discovers Earth, and assumes it is the secret planet to which he has been assigned.

The overriding conflict, and humor, of the show becomes apparent when Zim goes to “Skool” and meets up with Dib, a pint-sized conspiracy theorist hell-bent on exposing Zim and overseeing his alien autopsy. Dib, not fooled by Zim’s shabby disguise and transparent excuse that his green skin and lack of ears are due to a “skin condition,” tries to expose Zim to the class. Zim is about to press the “self-destruct” button on his wrist when another student chimes in, stating that all Dib ever talks about is “aliens and monsters and seeing Bigfoot in {his} garage.”

In what is surely a shot at the ridiculousness of political correctness, Jhonen Vazquez has the students tell Dib that just because someone looks different doesn’t mean they’re an alien, illustrating this point by way of “old kid,” a third grader with the body of an eighty year old.

Print does not do justice to the brilliant dialogue. Zim's squeaky, angry voice adds an extra element of humor to lines like “Now let’s rain some doom down on the doomed heads of our doomed enemies,” and “while I’m at it, I’ll make your whole brain...not more,” that would not be there otherwise. This type of dialogue also allows the viewer to see just how stupid Zim really is.

Even the lesser characters like Dib’s sister Gaz, his dad, and the teacher, offer comedy unparalleled in any other series, with the possible exception of The Simpsons.

Like The Simpsons, Invader Zim stretches the limits of what is allowed to be shown on TV in cartoon form. As in the aforementioned example, when Zim rips out his best friend’s eyeballs, who consequently explodes as a result of this operation, much of the episodes contain subject matter and material that normally would not be allowed in children’s programming. Perhaps this is why Zim is on at nine o’clock and hardly ever shown in reruns during the day. Any show, cartoon or otherwise, that is well crafted enough to cause the viewer to cheer for the ultimate takeover of Earth by an alien is quality television.

Oh, the horror! The funky horror!

As of Thursday, January 17, 2002, Invader ZIM has been cancelled. On that date, only a few hours after doing voice-recording for the Chirstmas special, all of the cast and crew were notified of this event. This must have been a huge shock, as the show seemed like a huge success. It was an even bigger suprise on January 20, 2002, when the ZIM fanbase found out.

Nickelodeon went back on its contract with Jhonen. They asked for only six more episodes, instead of the 20 second-season episodes that they originally requested. Nobody really knows why Nick did this, but there are many good guesses flying around. These are my personal view points on these theories, they are not 100% fact.

First and foremost, Nickelodeon is a network designed for young children with learning disabilities (or so I hear). It is filled with altruistic, happy, joyful, conforming CRAP writen by harmless middle-aged men. Invader ZIM was created by a twenty-something cult figure whose résumé is filled with past credits of drawing comics about a philisophical homicidal maniac. The two don't exactly match up, do they? Some people think that Nickelodeon just didn't like the idea of having somebody different than them putting stuff into their network. Nick must have rejected and censored many bits of ZIM before it was aired. This cramped Jhonen's style. He was used to writing without restraint, and most of his JtHM books are filled with profanity, violence, and political-incorrectness one each and every page. Some of the last episodes will never see the light of day on in the US. An upcoming episode, Door to Door, featured a scene where New York City lies in ruins. I don't think that episode has a very good chance of airing on such a network, unless greatly edited. It is a really great episode, too, and the loss of it cripples Jhonen's hopes again. So Nickelodeon and Jhonen weren't getting what they really wanted.

The second issue is ratings. It's pretty stupid for Nickelodeon to complain about this factor. Zim never had a good timespot in its history of airtime. For a long time it was on at 9PM on Fridays. First of all, many children, for whom the network is made for, don't watch television at this hour. And secondly, the more aged Jhonen fans in their teens and twenties have some sort of life where they are not home on a Friday night at 9! Of course, then Nick decided to bump Zim back another half-hour to 9:30PM. In addition to this, Zim was only on one day a week! What do they expect from a show that is on one day a week on a Friday at 9:30?! Apparently very much. Soon Zim disappeared from the Friday schedule. There were occasionally episodes on at 1PM on Sunday (when all good fans are at church!) but then these were ultimately bumped and Nickelodeon opted to put another episode of Rocket Power on, adding to other five that were going to be on that afternoon. In addition to the bad schedule, Nickelodeon never even tried to promote the show. There were no commericials, promotions or anything.

Ahem, money. Nickelodeon needs money. And Zim wasn't just not getting the ratings that would satisfy Nick, but it was also horrendously expensive to produce. To put this into perspective, one episode of Spongebob Squarepants costs roughly $300,000 to make. One episode of Invader ZIM costs about $1,200,000 to make. Wow. You see, Nickelodeon isn't making THAT much money as it is. But if Nick signed ZIM for many seasons, it would cost them millions and give them big financial problems.

Another issue is marketing failure. And this time, once again, Nick didn't even try. The first Invader Zim products came out months after the series premiered. But these products were limited. There were only shirts, sweaters, hats, stickers, and a lunchbox or two. Most of the clothing was aimed at older viewers and didn't even come close to fitting the young'ns. Besides the lack of merchandise, these few products were only sold at ONE chain of stores. Hot Topic. It's hard enough to find a Hot Topic that has Zim merchandise. But, somebody tell me; is a nine year old going to go into a Hot Topic just to buy a GIR sticker!? I should hope not. This marketing strategy just didn't make sense.

ZIM had every reason to succeed and every chance to fail.

But the ZIM community did not take the news of Zim's untimely death sitting down. Thousands of letters of complaint have been mailed to (and burned by) Nickelodeon. An online petition was created and in only twenty days has accumulated over 34,000 individual signatures. Also, harassment of Nickelodeon by fans has been caused by e-mails, phone calls, and boycott of Nick products. Heh. Sillies.

Updated August 14, 2003: Nickelodeon hasn't shown any new Zim episodes since The Most Horrible Christmas Ever aired back in December 2002. It seems that Zim has also been totally yanked from the airwaves completely on Nick. However, MUNDONICK, Nickelodeon's South American branch, began showing new episodes in the early Spring of 2003. They have aired, completely, the entire second season of ZIM, including: Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars, Mortos Der Soul Stealer, ZIM Eats Waffles, Frycook from Space, Vindicated, Girl Who Cried Gnome, Dib Ship, Voting of the Doomed, and Gaz, Taster of Pork. Backseat Drivers has already been encoded and is on the internet and #invaderzim. It is terrific. Mortos is supposed to be the crappiest episode of all time (as many of these episodes were rushed through production.) Frycook is just beautiful. We hope to have these episodes encoded via our connections in Brazil and Mexico very soon. There's more hope from this than from Nickelodeon.

The Invader ZIM fanbase is a unique one. Two major communities grew from it. The first came from ssjvaporeon and jiggly at the great GIR IZ fansite ( They started "Gir's Board" in July 2001. From there, it thrived for a while. But suitable bandwidth was always difficult to find. Eventually, a guy named JACE offered to help and founded Jhonen Vasquez himself (in disguise, of course!) posted at wormbaby for a while (mostly urging people to $pend more money), but eventually left this experiment because wormbaby made his brain hurt. Jace also encoded episodes for a while, but was eventually shut down by viacom. Jace was paranoid, cruel, and a control freak. He deleted posts, he banned, and he threw little fits for no good reason. He put people on pedistals, realeasing IPs and email addresses for them to be pilloried by the general public. (Most notably a guy named Frank, who disagreed with an offensive advertisement on the wormbaby homepage. Jace said "you think you own the internet" and then blah blah...) He was rather tyrinical. At one point, he ran and IRC chat in affiliation with the people at Starfusion. As a guest of theirs, he abused his power and was eventually asked to leave. Before he left, however, he deleted all of the files on starfusion's server, and then proceeded to hack and spam the server afterwards. So... not only a jerk, but a criminal. There's more to be said, but, crikey, why? Jace was toppled when he shutdown Wormbaby and ssj decided to leave and join forces Room With A Moose in August 2003.

Room With a Moose ( was the first fansite to offer episode downloads of Invader Zim, starting right after the first episode. They still do, only website to do so, to this date. After Zim was cancelled, they set up a messageboard in January 2002. This forum attracted not only fans, but also employees of the series! Greats such as Steve Ressel (Director and Producer), Hanzhi Tang (Nick 3D), John Fountain (character design), Chris Graham (storyboard), and Eric Trueheart (writer) have posted there. But it all started with Ian Graham, storyboard artist, (aka 45) who was the first to post there back in January 2002. Having such friend in high places, RWAM is now a plethora of Zim information and history. They also have unreleased episode scripts, premises, outlines, art, sound, and MORE in their closet section. They're still releasing it, so it's not all there yet. If you're interested in Zim, this is a MUST place to stop by. There is also an FAQ so amazing it will make your head implode. As for the messageboard, it's a nice tight-knit little community. Nothing's ever censored, nothing's ever deleted, and every one is left to be themselves. It's more of a mature place (SOMETIMES), but other times it's just wacky. Uuhhh... yeah. It's good. So...

Updated March 28, 2004: Okay, a LOT has happened since August. DVDs AND ACTION FIGURES ARE BEING RELEASED!!! Whee! I'll keep it short. The first DVD will be released May 11th, 2004. It is a double disc set. Two other double disc sets will be released thereafter. A special box for the DVDs, shaped like Zim's house, will be released with a special bonus disc after the other DVDs have been released. The DVDs will include: animatics, commentaries, and more. It is being produced by Media-Blasters.
DVD information:
Order DVD from Amazon ($17.46):

Action figures are being made by Palisades Toys ( No release dates are confirmed, but the figures look cool!
Action Figure information:

That's it for now...

We are all saddened by the death of Zim. (Well I am, at least!) All we can do is ask why. Why? WHYYYYY?!
Of the universe. It's sad, really.

zim episode downloads:
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Warning, Episode Spoilers, But Remember, Episode Guides are important cause Zim will LIVE ON!

Join the wonderful world of JCV (JTHM) and other friends like Steve Ressel and Roman Dirge (Lenore). The first animated series by JCV, Invader Zim is the world of little green men and advanced robotic technoligy.

The Invader Zim Guide
Andy Berman (Dib)
Kevin McDonald (Allmighty Tallest Purple)
Lucille Bliss (Ms. Bitters)
Melissa Fahn (Gaz)
Michael McDonald (Robodad)
Mo Collins (Robomom)
Richard Steven Horvitz (Zim)
Rosearik Rikki Simons (GIR)
Wally Wingert (Allmighty Tallest Red)
Rodger Bumpass (Professor Membrane)
Danny Cooksey (Keef, Melvin, Dirge)
John Garry (Mysterious Mysteries Narrator)
Antoinette Spolar (Popular Girl, Gretchen, Reporter)
Jhonen Vasquez (Computer, Oldkid)
The Nightmare Begins

This is the first episode of Invader Zim that aired on Nickelodeon on March 30, 2001. Welcome to Conventia, the planet of convention halls. Galactic Conquest is here! After being banished to Foodcourtia, the planet of food courts, the Allmighty Tallest attempt to proceed with the great assigning and Operation Impending Doom 2. However, Zim decides to quit his banishment, and be a part of Operation Impending Doom 2, since he was part of Operation Impending Doom 1. The crowd as well as the Allmighty Tallest gasp at the sight of Zim.

After remembering what happened in Operation Impending Doom 2 where Zim was reigning doom upon everything, yet he was still on his own planet. The Tallest did not want Zim to screw this one up, so they decided to send him to a mysterious planet where it is so mysterious, that everyone dare not speak its name.

Equipping each of their soldiers with a standard issue informational retrieval unit AKA, a SIR, as a joke, they piece together a GIR who isn't stupid, yet advanced. Six months later after listening to the Doom Song sung by GIR, the two encounter Earth. Dib knows that they are coming, and when he sees Zim in Skool, he is the only one who knows that Zim is an alien in disguise. The battle has officially begun.

Parent Teacher Night

Airing on April 6, 2001, this was the second Zim episode. With the bug in the clock squished, the bell finally rings, allowing all of the children to rush home. Zim eagerly attempts to leave, but Ms. Bitters requires Zim and all of the other children to attend parent teacher night. Disagreeing, Ms. Bitter shows her tape of Zim agreeing to attend in his apathetic state during a previous day of skool. Dib starts taunting Zim about not knowing what parents are, and he reminisces on his childhood of being born in a pod and welcomed into life by a “Cold Unfeeling Robot Arm.”

Zim is now determined to prove that he is human, so he races home to find his robotic mom brushing a makeup saleslady’s teeth. He commands GIR to make the parents watch parenting informational videos so that they can interact with the teachers at the skool. GIR however decides to change the channel and forces the parents to watch stupid commercials and bad informational shows.

Zim returns home to take the parents to the skool, and they start to cause a ruckus by poking people, dancing, losing an arm, and flying out of the window. Of course Dib is the only one who sees this, and in his anger, he throws punch, landing him in a shitload of trouble.

Walk of Doom

This aired on April 13, 2001. Zim has been trying to upgrade GIR’s guidance chip, so that GIR can always find a specified place. Zim takes GIR out into the city in his brand new disguise of an old man. GIR however, decided to leave his chip at home, and make room for the cupcake!

Frustrated, Zim attempts to take the bus, but the woman tells him he needs money first, so he has to get back off. The only way that he can earn money is to dance like a robot in the public square. A little old man who looks like Zim in disguise then comes and drops a load of money into Zim’s hat. Free to go home! Or so he thought. The freaks on the bus scare Zim so greatly that he runs off and ends up in a bank that has recently been robbed. The police think that Zim did it, cause he looks like the old man, so Zim runs to the top and jumps relying on GIR’s jet fuel, but once again, GIR has emptied it out for some tuna. Frustrated, Zim finally gets a chance to take a cab home, yet he ends up even more lost in Mexico. Fun, fun, fun!

Bestest Friends

Originally airing on April 13, 2001, Zim hears Jessica talking about how inhuman it is to not have friends. He goes through a number of painful tests like absorbency and conductivity in order to choose his best friend. Keef comes out on top, and the duo makes a good show for everyone. Zim thinks that since everyone has been convinced that he had a friend that he can now fire Keef, but Keef won’t go away so easily. So how do you get away from a psycho best friend? Make him like a squirrel instead… you’ll understand when you see it.


On April 13, 2001, NanoZim premiered. Zim accidentally allows Dib to see him without his disguise! Zim then shrinks himself and tries to get to Dib’s brain so that he can erase Dib’s memory. Dib, however, then gets his father’s mini ship in order to chase Zim down and destroy him. Gaz walks in and notices that Dib is sucking at this new “video game” so she plays for him, in the battle of Dib’s memory!


This episode aired on April 20, 2001. After GIR watches a cheap film knockoff of War of the Worlds, Zim becomes paranoid of germs. He orders a pair of germ goggles from the planet Callnowia that ships them in the form of an asteroid. He finally sterilizes everything in his house, but he runs out of disinfectant! No, now what is the green alien to do? Go to the store of course! But GIR decides to go to the MacMeaties store across the street.Zim is horrified at all of the germs in the store, but then he realizes that the hamburgers are perfectly germ-free! This special “Space Meat” gives Zim a good idea of how to stay germ-free

Dark Harvest

Aired on April 20, 2001. Zim gets a case of the head pigeons, but Dib tells him that the nurse will notice his lack of organs. Zim then runs into the hall monitor and has a brilliant plan! He takes people’s organs and replaces them with stuff. Dib is hot on Zim’s trail and he then realizes that Zim has taken an organ out of every kid in the skool! He then asks Zim if he really thinks that he can fool a nurse, and Zim believes he can, but he is missing one thing.Lungs! And of course, Dib and Torque are the ones with their organs all intact! Run, run, run I tell you, run!

Attack of the Saucer Morons

Aired on April 27, 2001. After Zim attempts the survey Earth’s police official, he crashes the Voot Runner because of death bee! After finding a way home, Zim returns to the place of the wreck, however, he was spotted the night before and now there is a massive crowd of alien worshippers. They all grab Zim and take him inside of the tent and wait to hear his words of wisdom. Horrified, Zim calls for GIR to come a pick him up. GIR arrives in the Government Man suit, and tries to take Zim away, but his cover is blown. Desperately, the two flee and “ride the pig.” But then death bee returns, and Zim is doomed!

The Wettening

This episode also aired on April 27, 2001. Skool is finally out, but it has started to rain. Zim walks outside, not thinking of the consequences, but oh the horror of water! Dib notices that Zim’s skin has a bad reaction with water. Dib rushes home to create his giant water balloon machine, and Zim rushes home to find a way to avoid the horror of water. Monday finally comes and the two are at it again! What will happen? Will the world ever be safe from the battles of Dib and Zim? Oh the horror! The horror!

Career Day

Aired on May 4, 2001. The children take ink blob tests in order to determine their future careers. No one but Dib receives the career which they desire. Zim ends up working at the hamburger joint McMeaties, and Dib gets to be a paranormal investigator. Zim, however, realizes that the equinox is tonight, and that it will cause his head to molt and explode for a bit since he is off of his home planet and away from his galaxy. Dib realizes that the Equinox is tonight and tries to get the investigator to take him to McMeaties. Bill, as he is named, has a slight problem, however. Everything that is obvious, Bill thinks is a lie and a conspiracy, but everything that is fake, Bill thinks is real. Dib finally lies and gets Bill to McMeaties by telling him Chocofang will be there. But they are too late for Zim’s molting, and of course, Zim gets fired for his less than pleasant performance in front of the customers.

Battle Dib

Also airing on May 4, 2001. Dib has created a grand presentation for the swollen eyeballs, but he needs parental permission. While running out the door, he manages to piss off Gaz by taking her pizza. Dib finds out that he cannot get into the building, even if he isProfessor Membrane’s son. He is informed that he must take the test, and get into the audience in order to see his dad. While going through all of the impossible and stupid tests which Dib must perform, Gaz appears every step of the way from the back entrance in order to ruin Dib’s chances of winning. She finally succeeds, and Dib is carried off my the guards. In a last attempt to escape, Dib pulls out his extra permission slip from his presentation briefcase laptop thing, forges it, and throws it in the trash. It explodes, creating a diversion for the guards, and allowing them to drop Dib, however, one of the guards hits Gaz while she is eating, making her angry and bloodthirsty. Dib finally gets into His dad’s room, but is turned away from getting an “autograph.” Dib is then thrown out and a man comes by and tells him that the professor autographed his slip, and throws it at him. Ecstasy comes over Dib, and he runs, but as soon as he gets in front of his swollen eyeball audience, he realizes what he forgot…his presentation, NOOOO!

A Room With a Moose

Airing on August 17, 2001, Zim tries to rid himself of Dib. After getting GIR to pose as principal and send the skool on a field trip, Zim has plotted to send them all to a room with a moose so that they can behold their moosey fate! Dib seems to be the only one realized that they are traveling in circles and breaks into the driver’s area, only to find Zim. Noticing that Zim is driving the bus through a television screen and a robot, Dib questions Zim. He finds out that they are traveling through a wormhole, and that one way will lead them back to Earth, but the other will lead them all to their moosey fate! Dib is forced with two important questions, should he save himself in order to defend Earth from Zim, which would also save the other kids who hate him, or should he just let the kids go to the rooms with the moose. Oh, and there is one other question, how does he do it?


Aired on August 17, 2001. As we left off, Zim tries to take over the earth with a mutated hamster. He thinks that people will submit to the hamster’s cute wrath. The hamster however, goes out of control and Zim tries to destroy it, but the police are trying to destroy Zim…what will happen to our characters?

Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain

Aired on August 24, 2001. After the house starts going haywire, Zim tries to replace the house’s brain. He makes GIR watch for any problems in the data, but when GIR drops his toy, he tries to pick it up. His brain is accidentally fused into the house, and he now commands everything in the house. GIR decides to rampage the town with this new advantage. Will Zim be able to ever get GIR out of the house? Or will he forever be trapped inside?

Bad Bad Rubber Piggy

Also aired on August 24, 2001. Zim creates a time warp which allows him to alter Dib’s future with rubber piggies. The freak accidents were set up by Zim so that he could kill Dib. Professor Membrane however, decides to make a megaboy 3000, so that Dib can still live, he just has ammo and is mostly a machine. Revenge will be Dib’s as he enter Zim’s house. What will happen? Will our little alien friend finally defeat the little green man!?

Planet Jackers

Zim is checking up on the other invaders who were sent out by the Irken army, when his computer dies. What is wrong here!? GIR swear he didn’t do anything, and strange earthquakes have been noticed. There seems to a group of aliens who are trying to feed Earth to their sun that feeds on planets so it doesn’t die out. Zim tells them that they are breaking an Irken treaty, but Earth doesn’t seem to be on the list, WHY!? Oh will Zim have to save the Earth, just to destroy it again?

Rise of Zitboy

GIR decides to order pizza, and he gets the greasy cheese all over Zim’s skin. Zim in return, develops a zit! While trying to scheme and rid himself of the zim, GIR draws a face on it, and gets drawn into it’s hypnotic power. This gives Zim a plan, so he puts a suit on the zit, dubs it Pustulio, and attempts to hypnotize his fellow students at school. But all zits pop someday….don’t they?

Plague of Babies

Zim spots a baby in the neighbor’s window watching him. He later learns that the babies look just like human babies, and they wereaccidentally left on Earth by their mother ship. Trying to return home, the babies attack Zim’s base in order to use his machinery to return home. After forming Mega-Baby, Zim has a hard time matching muscle with this gigantic monster made of pint-sized life forms. Who will win? Well, who? I always knew that babies were evil.

WAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIT! *pantpantpant* My Tallest! I HAVE NEWS!

Multiple sources have reported (and Nickelodeon has confirmed) that Nickelodeon has greenlit a 90-minute Invader Zim movie. 2D. Animated.

By Jhonen Vasquez!

With the original cast!

Holy cow I can't even explain how happy this makes me, because Invader's blood MARCHES THROUGH MY VEINS! Like...GIANT, RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS!

The pants command me! DO NOT IGNORE MY VEINS!

Here is Variety's reporting on this momentous news. There is no air date as yet. The news broke at the beginning of April, 2017.

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