By George, i think i have this one solved... if you push the dialog box aside, you lose access to the three-fingered salute. But this way, you get access to ctrl-alt-del!
Okay: you'll need:
  • Something that lets you list the processes running, and kill them
  • (i use ProcExplorer, available from Adam's Software ( ).
  • A crashed program (which isn't THAT easy to do intentionally)
Okay, BEFORE you click that li'l UIODOD (once you do, it's there forever), launch your process-killer, and KILL that crashed little program (i.e. netscape.exe).
Then, you can dismiss the illegal operation, and it won't pop up -- you can go on with your life.

although i have tried this with success on Netscape Navigator's page faults, ymmv.

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