Roman Dirge, Super Genius

Roman Dirge is the creative force behind the Lenore comic, which had its humble beginings Roman's own magazine, "Xenophobe". Lenore is the story of a little dead girl, who is sweet and has a childlike innocence about her, yet at the same time is the source of much unintentional cruelty to innocent bystanders. Most of Roman's work on Lenore to date can be found in the two compilation books noogies and wedgies. These are published by Slave Labor Graphics as are (to the best of my knowledge) all of Roman's comic works. This comic masterpiece has earned Roman three Eisner Award nominations.

Roman has also written and illustrated several cute little books, done in the same cute-but-semi-morbid style as Lenore, "Monsters in my Tummy", "Something at the window is Scratching" and his latest work "The cat with a really big head" are all well worth a glance if Lenore piqued your interest in the slightest. Roman is also involved in the writing of Invader Zim on Nickelodeon, which is the brain-child of my personal lord and savior, Jhonen Vasquez. Roman Dirge and Jhonen Vasquez have been friends for a good long while, and seeing their creative genious work in harmony on Zim is a truly amazing thing.

Roman is heavily tattooed and also a piercing enthusiast, and according to his bio in The cat with a really big head, he drools an awful lot in his unconscious hours.

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