For the good of another; not in any self interest at all; perhaps even detrimental to one's own interests.

Some would say for the good of another or others and a lack of self-intetest.

I, however, don't quite agree. I think everyone does things that serve their self-interest in one way or another. It may be giving of material things to make the person feel better inside, spiritually. It is still of benefit to the person doing the giving or work.

You will not willingly do any act which causes only harm or unhappiness to yourself.

Al`tru*is"tic (#), a. [Cf. F. altruiste, a. See Altruism..]

Regardful of others; beneficent; unselfish; -- opposed to egoistic or selfish.

Bain. -- Al`tru*is"tic*al*ly, adv.


© Webster 1913.

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