Don't believe that everything and everyone loves New York City? Well, apparently you're not looking hard enough!

Handy References

New York
Finding A Bathroom in New York City
Slang names for places in the New York metro area
How to find the nearest cross street in Manhattan
How to have fun in post-Civil War New York

Also known as:



Bronx cheer
Bronx Cocktail
Bronx Science
A Bronx Tale
Bronx Zoo
Rumble in the Bronx
South Bronx

Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Brown Ale
Brooklyn College
Brooklyn Monster Ale
Brooklyn Pennant Pale Ale
Brownstone Belt
Coney Island
Coney Island Cyclone
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
Manhattan Bridge
Prospect Park
No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn
The Token Back to Brooklyn
Williamsburg Bridge
Windsor Terrace

Floral Park
Forest Hills
Long Island City

Staten Island
Escape From Staten Island

Manhattan seems to be the center of the universe

Baja Manhattan
Knob Creek Manhattan, up
Lower Manhattan
manhattan, up
Manhattan Project
Manhattan Research, Inc.
Manhattan Special
Manhattan Theatre Club
The Manhattan Transfer
The Manhattans
Upstate Manhattan


Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
Mayors Of New York
Hilary Clinton
Rudolph Giuliani
Mike Bloomberg
New York City quality of sanity offenses
pig on every corner program
the first American Intelligence failure in New York
I'm moving out of New York if Hillary Clinton wins


New York Times
New York Free Press
New York Press
The New York Times Bestseller List
Telemarketers wanting me to subscribe to the New York Times.
Hidden Message behind the New York Times hacking
There's Adam Clymer, a major league asshole from The New York Times


New York Stock Exchange
Wall Street

Museums, galleries, art and culture

The American Museum of Natural History
Anthology Film Archives, New York
Brooklyn Museum of Art
MOMA aka The Museum of Modern Art
New York Dada
What's the deal with all the cows in NYC?
David Lynch's Cow banned from Cow Parade New York
New York Philharmonic


Carroll Gardens
Central Park
Concert in Central Park
Reprazent Live at Central Park
Marcus Garvey Park
Prospect Park
Tompkins Square Park
Washington Square Park


The Chrysler Building
The Empire State Building
Grand Central Terminal
Statue of Liberty
Times Square
World Trade Center
Hammerstein Ballroom
Philip Johnson's New York State Pavilion


New York City Subway
New York City Subway Routes
new york subway colour codes
New York City Subway Car Roster
The New York City Subway Lines Project
Brooklyn Manhattan Transit
Interboro Rapid Transit
Invisible New York
Independent Subway
The new experimental New York City subway cars
New York City's Worst Subway Disaster
Subway Map Floating in a New York Sidewalk
What's under the streets of Manhattan?
Revs and Cost
A Brief History of New York City's Early Graffiti
Other Rail
Penn Station
Grand Central Terminal
New York State Thruway
Major Deegan Expressway
No one drives in New York
Questions From The New York State DMV Driving Permit Test
New York's Finest Taxi Service
The gritty, solitary beauty of riding a bike across the 59th St. bridge at dawn
George Washington Bridge
John F. Kennedy International Airport


Brooklyn College
Brooklyn Polytechnic ACM
Brooklyn Technical High School
Bronx Science
City University of New York
Columbia University
Cooper Union
New York City public high schools
New York University
New York Correspondence School
Stuyvesant High School

So delicious, you could eat it

Dano's Pizza Restaurant & Bar
Famous Famiglia Pizzeria
New York Pizza Paradox
New York Super Fudge Chunk
Panna II
pizza in manhattan
Ray's Pizza
The Russian Tea Room
Peter Luger Steak House
The Water Club
Dirty Water Hot Dogs
The Beekman Tower

I love the nightlife, I like to boogie

New York City gay bars
Studio 54

Places to be seen

Madison Avenue

Sports Teams

New York Yankees
New York Mets

New York Rangers
New York Islanders

New York Jets
New York Giants

New York Knicks
New York Nets

Famous and Infamous New Yorkers

Mike Bloomberg
Hilary Clinton
Woody Harrelson
Rudolph Giuliani
The New York Dolls
Bruce Springsteen
Donald Trump
Harold Arlen
Jackie McLean

Being a tourist in NYC

How to spot a tourist in New York
Free Food

Living in NYC

Getting an apartment in New York City versus getting an apartment elsewhere
Summer In The City: Live In New York

Experiences in NYC

first time in NYC
I Hate New York
I heart New York
I saw Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Kanga at the New York Public Library
New York City (Everyone's my friend)
New York Ghost Stories
New York Minute
One night in NYC
Only in New York
Secret of New York City
Summer Solstice, New York City
The gritty, solitary beauty of riding a bike across the 59th St. bridge at dawn
The Last Remaining Fire Bell Tower in New York City
The Three Men I Admired Most: Manhattan, 9/11/01
Transatlantic; Wetlands; New York City; June 23, 2000
What's the deal with all the water towers in New York?
Grandma Heimstadt

Noder-meets in NYC

The Everything People Registry : United States : New York
Pizza, beer, and Smoking Noders paint the town red
Noders in New York: A day of Vegan and Vietnamese
upon approaching the weekend where I meet more noders
The Not-Really-Semi-Annual New York Everything Gathering (tm)
menu for not so regular annual meeting
Nobody Here Is Ever Going to Be President: Noders Raise Things Up In The City Where Things Fall Down
Noders and Hammerstein: e2 meets Underworld on the field of battle

Movies (about/featuring)

Escape From New York
I'll Sink Manhattan
I'll Take New York
New Jack City


I've chosen to include only the year for general historical amusement. Other information, such as authorship and lyrics, should already exist in the individual nodes.

A Heart in New York (1982)
A Nanny In Manhattan (1996)
Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me) (1974)
Chelsea Morning (1967)
Copacabana (1978)
Do You Miss New York? (198?)
Don Jose of Far Rockaway (1952) need info!
Down in Dear Old Greenwich Village (ca 1920) need info!
Easter Parade (1933)
First We Take Manhattan (1988)
Give it Back to the Indians (1939)
Give My Regards to Broadway (1904)
Gothamite Quick Step (1853) need info!
I Happen to Like New York (1930)
I love New York (1977)
Lullaby of Broadway (1935)
Milkman, Keep those bottles quiet (1944)
Moitle from Toidy Toid and Toid (1946)
My Pearl's a Bowery Girl (1894)
NYC (2002)
NYC-25 (1996)
N.Y.C. (1977)
New York City (?)
New York City Cops (2001)
New York (crack) City (1999)
New York, New York(1977)
New York State of Mind (1975)
Rose of Washington Square (1920)
Spanish Harlem (1960)
Staten Island, the Gem of New York Bay (1935)
Stompin at the Savoy (1934)
Take the "A" Train (1941)
The Boy from New York City (1966)
The Brooklyn Cowboy (ca 1940)
The Only Living Boy in New York
The Sidewalks of New York (1894)
The Statue of Liberty is Smiling (1918)
The Subway Squeeze (1912)
Underneath the Harlem Moon (1932)
Up on the Roof (1962)
Wall Street Blues (1929)
Way out West (on West End Avenue) (1937)
When Broadway was a Pasture (1911)
Why do they all pick on Brooklyn? (1945)
Yo Vengo de Nueva York (1946)

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