Yossarian can give you directions to this place, but go if you can. You won't miss it if you pass it, as it glows with the glory of a hundred christmases and dollar stores. It neighbors another indian restaurant, which also posts a person at the top of the stairs to draw people into its own competing well-lit maw.. Come in! Come in! Table for four? No, no, come here! This way!

Once you're in, duck! the place is full of stringed lights. The tables are close together, in two rows down the walls, and the waiters smile and draw back out of the way as you're led to the back, swaying to miss the chairs of diners and the water pitcher of the waiter. Somehow, mysteriously, this time there was a table for eight ready: we just had to add another chair. Yoss, the 'yes' man, possibly dazed by the onslaught of sensory information, acquiesced to the waiter's many recommendations, so we had a feast of appetizers before even our food was out: breads and samosas and mystery fritters (banana, it turned out, and sweet potato).

One waiter frequently refilled our water glasses, pouring with the "close enough" philosopy of aim. Conversation was fragmented by the noise and the length of the table. The lights started to seem like a neural net firing above and around us, the cloth and plastic flowers blossoms of monstrous vibrant tissue. Elbows and smiles and curries, oh my! The manhattan street seemed quiet when we descended back down into the night.

                            a claustrophobe's nightmare

                   an ecstacy-user's dream

this tiny eatery would probably not accomodate you if you tried to sleep on the floor width-wise. this tiny eatery glows with the fires of ... more christmas lights than the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree. the waiters fill your glass with water often, but the effeciency ratio is severely damaged by the percentage of water that actually makes it into your glass. the atmosphere is more than intimate, it's downright molestational.

sound bad? in reality, not really. just duck so you won't hit the lights hanging from the ceiling. there was a rather interesting blue light that had me hypnotized for a little bit. the staff's space-management skills are beyond amazing. they fit 9 of us onto 2 two-person tables. and of course, what's a restaurant without food? as my first experience with Indian cuisine, it provided me with an extremely pleasurable experience. i received a good sized serving without hurting my wallet.

if you get the chance, you must go. i would go again if i was in the area.

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