Woody Harrelson (Woodrow Tracy Harrelson) was born on July 23, 1961 in Midland, Texas. His parents divorced three years later in 1964 and Woody, along with his two brothers Brett and Jordan, moved with their mother, Diane, to Lebanon, Ohio. When he was seven years old, his father, Charles, was arrested for murdering a U.S. district judge in 1979. He was later convicted in 1982 of the murder and sentenced to a life term in prison. There are rumors that some evidence was suppressed that would have favored Harrelson, though.

Woody grew up in Ohio as a Presbyterian with strong beliefs. When he began college, it was on a Presbyterian scholarship. He graduated from Hanover College in Indiana in 1983 with degrees in English and Theater Arts. Once graduated, he move to New York City where he could persue his interest in acting. In 1985 he married Nancy Simon but divorced only about a year later. His career began to take off when he was cast as Woody Boyd, a bartender, on the very popular TV series Cheers. In 1989 he won an Emmy for his role in Cheers for outstanding supporting actor.

Woody began dating Laura Louie, an assistant of his since two years prior, around 1991. On March 5, 1993 they had their first child together -- Deni Harrelson. Their second child, Zoe Harrelson, was born on September 22, 1996. On January 11, 1998 they finally got married in Costa Rica.

Woody is a well known environmentalist and has done many things to help preserve natural places. He is probably best known to some for his work to legalize industrial hemp, of which he is a very avid supporter. In 1996 he was arrested in Kentucky after he planted hemp seeds to challenge the state law which forbids doing so. Also in 1996, Woody and a few other environmentalists climbed up the Golden Gate Bridge where they hung a banner protesting the logging of the Headwaters Complex. There was a major traffic jam when they refused to come down.

He has been a vegan for around eight years and is a certified yoga instructor, as is his wife. He owns some rainforest land in Costa Rica which he likes to call home when he's not working. Currently, he is on the Sol Tour -- which he helped to plan. It is essentially a very long bike trip following the western coast of the U.S. where he and his group stop at certain points to hold teach ins about the environment. They converted a huge bus which runs on hemp oil and gets its electrical power from solar panels -- they dubbed it the "Mothership." Together, they also run the www.voiceyourself.com website. This has all of the info on the Sol Tour among many other things.

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