An award given out once a year to talented actors and actresses to honor their creative talents.

The Oscar is named for someone's Uncle Oscar that the statue was thought to resemble. The Tony Award is named for Antoinette Perry, a beloved actress and theatre director. So, if you are guessing that the Emmy was named for a noted Emmanuel, you could be forgiven for hazarding the guess. But the truth is, the folks who came up with the well-distributed television award opted to christen it in honor of a piece of equipment. Specifically, the image orthicon tube, now known as the pickup tube, the doohicky found in the heart of the old-fashioned video camera which converts photons passing into the aperture into an electrical signal. The item was actually called an "immy," but changing it to "emmy" just made it sound more, well, name-like. And so it was called, and so it stuck.

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