An entertaining if formulaic fish out of water comedy, starring Michael J. Fox as Benjamin Stone, an arrogant and talented young doctor travelling across the country to take a high-paid job as a plastic surgeon to the stars in Hollywood. He crashes his beautiful red Porsche through a fence in the archetypal small town of Grady (described proudly by the locals as "the squash capital of The South").

The county magistrate, Judge Evans, sentences Stone to thirty-two hours of community service at the town hospital, which is badly in need of a new doctor. He begrudgingly begins work the next day, and is soon shown up as young and inexperienced by the cantakerous old town doctor, Aurelius Hogue (Barnard Hughes). All is not despairing, though, as both the enthusiastic Mayor and the down to earth townsfolk are very welcoming, and Stone finds himself falling for the disarming young female ambulance driver, Lou (full name Vialula, played by Julie Warner).

Despite being desperate to get to the big city -- Stone is a restless small town boy himself -- the newly nicknamed "Doc Hollywood" grows affection for the town, and for Lou. Eventually his car is repaired, and his sentence is served, but will he really leave all this behind?

Fox is excellent in the slightly slapstick lead role, as always, and the cast includes such highlights as a scene stealing George Hamilton, Bridget Fonda, and Woody Harrelson. Director Michael Caton-Jones creates great contrast between the cosy Grady and the impersonal Hollywood, draws good performances from his leads, and the final half of the film is smoothly executed and finely tuned. Don't look for any undercurrents or thematic messages, but relax and enjoy the film for what it is: a simplistic feel-good look at priorities in life, with a touch of humour to keep you interested.

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