There’s somebody at the door!

Grotbags was an overweight green witch made famous by appearances in television shows which starred Rod Hull and Emu. She was played by actress Carol Lee Scott.

Dressed in ragged clothing with a pointy witches hat and cloak, her shrieking voice struck fear into the hearts of many young children in the 1980s.

She sat in Grotbag's Grotto like the Incredible Hulk's auntie whilst a gang of children from stage school played away merrily in Emu's Pink Windmill until she had finished her latest plan to steal Emu from Rod Hull.

When the plot was hatched, she would go over to the windmill and knock at the door, on ocassions in disguise, causing the children to chant "There's sombody at the door!"

When the door was answered she would steal Emu, then someone would rescue the bird much to the dismay of Grotbags.

In a later series entitled Emu's World, Grotbags acquired two helpers in the form of a camp gold plated mechanoid named Robot Redford, and an effeminate crocodile imaginatively called Croc. hmmm.

Robot Redford and Croc were quite useless and were more of a hinderance than a help.

In this series, Grotbags had a new invention too. Instead of using her old broomstick to fly, she acquired some flying vacuum cleaners called Hovergrots for her motley crew to use as transport.


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