I have seen out of work Muppets working the street. It broke my heart when Beaker approached my car at a stoplight wearing hot pants and a muscle tee...

I know these aren't dead Muppets yet, but they are certainly high-risk Muppets.

Old Muppets don't die; they get recycled! From the henson.com FAQ:

"The Muppets are recycled: when a Muppet begins to wear out, those parts still considered useful are incorporated into the new version of the same character—so there are never really any old or discarded Muppets."

Sung to the tune of "Lake of Fire"

Where do muppets go when they die?
They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly
They go to a pile of plush and parts
Won’t see them again till the next movie starts.

I knew a muppet from The Muppet Show
Got a tear on his leg that just wouldn’t slow
So he went to the pile a little too soon
They took him apart before the rise of the moon

Now the muppets cry and the muppets moan
But one day they’ll call that storage room home
Until they need another character sewn
And the tailors and the stage hands
Fight to claim the parts for their own

This is not an email forward - the blame for this bit of perversion lies with me

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