The Monster at the End of This Book is a Sesame Street book starring Grover. Upon seeing the title of the book, Grover encourages you to stop turning pages, lest we run across the scary monster foretold. As you continue turning pages, he becomes increasingly distressed, and makes every attempt to stop you, the reader.

Like many classic Sesame Street stories, this one is humourous and enjoyable, and has a surprise ending. As such, this was one of my favourite Sesame Street books growing up, probably second to Oscar's Book.

They more recently made a sequel titled Another Monster at the End of This Book with Elmo encouraging you to turn the pages while Grover played his traditional role. The sacrilege of it all!

This 1971 Little Golden Book was a staple of my childhood. In 1996, that little punk Elmo horned in on the spotlight in the sequel, Another Monster At The End Of This Book. The same plot, but twice as much furry cuteness.

*** Spoiler Warning ***

It seems that there is a monster lurking at the end of the book, and Grover pleads with the reader not to go further. Despite Grover’s frantic pleas, the pages keep turning. Grover resorts to tying the page down, boarding it up, and building a brick wall, but nothing can stop the omnipotent reader. Finally, the reader discovers that the monster is furry, blue, and lovable – Grover himself. Now the kids are off to a nightmare-free sleep.

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