Henry Rollins is a self proclaimed aging alternative icon. Really this is only scraping the surface of who exactly Henry Rollins is. Born on February 13, 1961 Henry grew up in the Washington D.C. Area. His music career began in the world of punk when as an overzealous fan he jumped on stage and began performing with Black Flag. Rollins would sing and tour with Black Flag from 1981 until the bands eventual break up in 1986.

After Black Flag’s eventual departure from the hardcore punk scene Rollins formed another band. This new band formed with guitarist Chris Haskett, bassist Andrew Weiss, and drummer Sim Cain came to be known as simply the Rollins Band. Rollins band would go on to success with their eventual major label signing.

Music, however, is not Rollins’ only talent. While his music gained him notoriety, it also served as a spring board to other in devours. He has released multiple spoken word albums that have gone on to mild success, as noted by Templeton, and serve to show his insight and solid sense of humor. Rollins has accumulated a rather large discography since leaving Black Flag with the following music and spoken word discs to his credit:

Of course aside from his music and spoken word Rollins also fancies himself a bit of a writer with multiple books to his credit, both fictitious and biographical. Some of the books to his credit include:

Through it all it seems that the main staples of Rollins are continual work and creative energy perhaps this is how he became an alternative icon, the aging part is just a fact of nature.

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