Henry Rollins's band. He formed it after Black Flag exploded.
The band has gone through several incarnations, but the first was Sim Cain on drums, Andrew Weiss on bass, and Chris Haskett on guitar.

"Life Time" (1988), "Do It" and "Hard Volume" (1989) and "Turned On" (1990). The last cd released by this line-up was "The End of Silence" (1992). It was a very big seller.

Weiss left the band and was replaced by Melvin Gibbs, and the band took a more funk based sound. Weight (1994) was released, and was an even larger big seller than "The End of Silence", all though being even darker in tone than the fore metioned disc.

The last cd released by this line-up was "Come in and Burn" (1997) but the disc showed some stagnation, and Rollins fired the band.

After a few years Rollins hired the members of L.A. rock band Mother Superior. "Get Some Go Again" (2000) and "Nice" (2001) showed that Rollins was back on track with a hard rock sound.
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