Ex MTV veejay and B Movie actress who now hosts various shows on VH-1. Also starred on the sci-fi series Sliders.

Currently dating Henry Rollins, to the shock and disappointment of Rollins' fans. However, I'm listening to her now on Loveline, and she seems pretty cool. She sings teeny bopper songs, but she improvs dirty little songs in her free time, and she claims to enjoy anime porn.


  1. Fire With Fire:1986
  2. Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time:1990
  3. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane:1991
  4. Boulevard:1994
  5. Sensations:1994
  6. Beyond Desire:1994
  7. Higher Learning:1994
  8. Captive:1995
  9. The Crossing Guard(hey, with Jack Nicholson!):1995
  10. Terminal Justice:1995
  11. Red Blooded American Girl II:1995
  12. Thinner:1996
  13. An Occasional Hell:1996
  14. Vivid:1997
  15. The Undertaker's Wedding:1997
  16. Touch Me:1997
  17. Anaconda:1997
  18. Ivory Tower:1998
  19. Kissing A Fool:1998
  20. Phoenix:1998
  21. Sand:1999
  22. Kate's Additcion:1999
  23. G-Men From Hell:2000
  24. Out of Sync(TV):2000
  1. Remote Control:1987
  2. Swamp Thing:1991-1993
  3. Class of '96:1993
  4. Sliders:1997-

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