Bringing America's Amish Country to the World

The Amish Website ( is a website about, but not by, the Amish. As the Amish themselves do not use either electricity or telephone, they are not able to set up or maintain a website. This is done by people living near the Amish, who have no such principles and use the website to promote the Amish Country and sell products made by the Amish.

The website is meant for those who are interested in the Amish way of life, or who want to visit Amish country. It offers information on Amish history, lifestyle and on visiting the Amish, as well as links to tourist bureaus and to shops selling Amish arts and crafts (quilts, furniture, dolls). There is also a FAQ on Amish lifestyle. The owners of the website receive questions and pose them to their Amish friends and aquaintances, whose answers are then posted on the site.

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