John Killian Houston Brunner was born in Oxfordshire, England in 1934 and died in Glasgow, Scotland in 1995. He wrote a massive number of novels and short stories, some of them published under the pen names "K. H. Brunner", "Gill Hunt", "Keith Woodcott Brunner", "Trevor Staines", and "John Loxsmith". He held very strong views on social and political systems (considering all extant examples in the modern world flawed), and these opinions heavily influence his writing. History will probably remember him for having first coined the word "worm" to describe a type of computer program that spreads through a computer network and subverts the resources of the network towards the goals of the programmer (i.e. a computer virus).

Of his works that I have read, I would particularly recommend "The Sheep Look Up". Also "Stand on Zanzibar", "The Shockwave Rider", "More Things in Heaven", and "The Squares of the City" are very good. I must say I thought that "Timescoop" and "Into the Slave Nebula" were particularly substandard efforts though.

Here is a bibliography for him; it is probably incomplete due to his use of pen names:
Elektron Union (1951) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Hostile Worlds (1951) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Planet X (1951) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Planetfall (1951) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Space Flight (1951) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Spatial Ray (1951) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Vega (1951) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Fission (1952) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Galactic Storm (1952) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Station 7 (1952) (writing as Gill Hunt)
Zero Field (1952) (writing as Gill Hunt)
The Brink (1959)
Echo in the Skull (1959)
The Hundredth Millennium (1959)
The Threshold of Eternity (1959)
The World Swappers (1959)
The Atlantic Abomination (1960)
Sanctuary in the Sky (1960)
The Skynappers (1960)
Slavers of Space (1960)
I Speak for Earth (1961) (writing as Keith Woodcott Brunner)
Meeting at Infinity (1961)
The Ladder in the Sky (1962) (writing as Keith Woodcott Brunner)
Listen! The Stars! (1962)
Secret Agent of Terra (1962)
The Super Barbarians (1962)
Times without Number (1962)
The Astronauts Must Not Land (1963)
The Dreaming Earth (1963)
The Psionic Menace (1963) (writing as Keith Woodcott Brunner)
The Rights of Ohe (1963)
The Crutch of Memory (1964)
Endless Shadow (1964)
Telepathist (1964)
To Conquer Chaos (1964)
The Whole Man (1964)
Day of the Star Cities (1965)
Enigma from Tantalus (1965)
The Long Result (1965)
The Martian Sphinx (1965) (writing as Keith Woodcott Brunner)
The Repairmen of Cyclops (1965)
The Squares of the City (1965)
Wear the Butchers' Medal (1965)
A Planet of Your Own (1966)
Born Under Mars (1967)
Out of My Mind (1967)
The Productions of Time (1967)
Quicksand (1967)
Bedlam Planet (1968)
Father of Lies (1968)
Into the Slave Nebula (1968)
Now Then! (1968)
Stand on Zanzibar (1968)
The Avengers of Carrig (1969)
Black Is the Color (1969)
Double, Double (1969)
The Evil That Men Do (1969)
The Jagged Orbit (1969)
No Future in It (1969)
A Plague on Both Your Causes (1969)
Timescoop (1969)
The Devil's Work (1970)
The Gaudy Shadows (1970)
Good Men Do Nothing (1970)
The Dramaturges of Yan (1971)
Honky in the Woodpile (1971)
The Traveler in Black (1971)
The Wrong End of Time (1971)
Entry to Elsewhen (1972)
The Sheep Look Up (1972)
The Stardroppers (1972)
Age of Miracles (1973)
More Things in Heaven (1973)
The Stone That Never Came Down (1973)
Time-Jump (1973)
Give Warning to the World (1974)
Polymath (1974)
Total Eclipse (1974)
Web of Everywhere (1974)
The Shockwave Rider (1975)
Interstellar Empire (1976)
Tomorrow May Be Even Worse (1978)
The Infinitive of Go (1980)
Players at the Game of People (1980)
The Crucible of Time (1983)
The Great Steamboat Race (1983)
The Webs of Everywhere (1983)
The Tides of Time (1984)
The Shift Key (1987)
The Days of March (1988)
Children of the Thunder (1989)
A Maze of Stars (1991)
Muddle Earth (1993)
Catch a Falling Star (??)
From This Day Forward (??)

Short stories
No Future in It (1955)
Fair (1956)
The Windows of Heaven (1956)
The Man from the Big Dark (1958)
All the Devils in Hell (1960)
Such Stuff (1962)
The Totally Rich (1963)
An Elixir for the Emperor (1964)
The Last Lonely Man (1964)
Galactic Consumer Report No. 1: Inexpensive Time Machines (1965)
Speech is Silver (1965)
Break the Door of Hell (1966)
Galactic Consumer Report No. 2: Automatic Twin-Tube Wishing Machines (1966)
Galactic Consumer Report No. 3: A Survey of the Membership (1967)
Judas (1967)
The Vitanuls (1967)
Dread Empire (1971)
What Friends Are For (1974)
The Taste of the Dish and the Savor of the Day (1977)
The Suicide of Man (1978)
The Things That Are Gods (1979)
The Man Whose Eyes Beheld the Glory (1980)
The Fable of the Farmer and Fox (1987)
The Clerks of Domesday (1988)
Galactic Consumer Report No. 4 (1988)
The Man Who Saw the Thousand-Year Reich (1988)
Tracking with Close-Ups (21) and (23) (1988)
X-Hero (1988)
A Glimpse of Tomorrow (1989)
The Last Act in the Drama of World War II (1990)
Moths (1990)
The Pronounced Effect (1990)
Concerning the Forthcoming Inexpensive Paperback Translation of the Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred (1992)
They Take (1992)
Not All the Gay Pageants (1993)
Tantamount to Murder (1994)
Written Backwards (1994)
The Emperor Who Had Never Seen a Dragon (1995)
Real Messengers (1995)
The Drummer and the Skins (1996)
Thinkertoy (1996)
A Better Mousetrap (??)
Coincidence Day (??)
Eye of the Beholder (??)
Fair Warning (??)
Imprint of Chaos (??)
In the Season of the Dressing of the Wells (??)
Prerogative (??)
Protect Me from My Friends (??)
Round Trip (??)
Seizure (??)
Singleminded (??)
Some Lapse of Time (??)
Thou Good and Faithful (??)
Treason is a Two-Edged Sword (??)
The Warp and the Woof-Woof (??)

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