Grover is a totally cute muppet from Sesame Street. But that's not all, he's also smart. His alter ego is Super Grover!
He has many jobs.
Grover was originally brownish-gray.

Muppetry by Frank Oz.

Grover is a blue Monster.
Grover was originally Gray-Green
His birthday is October 14.
His muppetry is done by Frank Oz. His best friend is Kermit The Frog. He has many jobs such as:
A salesman
An elevator operator
A teacher
A professer
A farmer
A Waiter at various restaraunts
A taxi driver
A plane attendant
A Fitness coach
And Super Grover (who's secret identity is Grover Kent a salesman for a doorknob company)
An image permanently burned into my mind:

(Scene: Brick-high garden wall in front of a featureless background. KERMIT THE FROG is sitting on the wall. Far away in the distance, GROVER MONSTER is standing far behind, stage left. He sees KERMIT.)

GROVER MONSTER: Hey, kermie babyyyyyyyyyyy!

(GROVER MONSTER, while screaming the last syllable, begins running towards KERMIT THE FROG excitedly, with his right arm extended, to pat KERMIT on the back. When GROVER reaches KERMIT, the force of impact sends KERMIT flying off the wall, arms flailing, with a clearly surprised expression.)


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