One who operates some kind of equipment.
More commonly, the phone company rep that can be reached by dialing 0 that can giv info and make collect/calling card calls.
Operator is a game played by children. It goes like this:
Everyone sits in a circle.
One person starts by whispering a phrase into their neighbor's ear.
That person then whispers the same phrase into their neighbor's ear.
This continues until the message gets back to the starter.

By then, the message has been distorted, usually to the point that it makes no sense, whereas it was at least a complete sentence to begin with.

The point.
Operator illustrates the disintegration of facts and events when they are disseminated through oral tradition.

Which is a reason I don't believe anything written in the Bible as being historically correct. All (ok, "all" is mighty inclusive, but we can assume most) the stories of the Bible were passed through generations as oral traditon before they were written down. And even then, they were transcribed to appease whoever was in power.
An operator O in linear algebra is an entity which when acting on a vector v converts it into vector w. The operator is said to be linear if for any numbers a and b:
O(av+bw)=aOv + bOw
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(see Grateful Dead lyrics.)

Operator, can you help me
Help me if you please
Give me the right area code
And the number that I need
My rider left upon the midnight flyer
Singing like a summer breeze

I think she's somewhere down south
Down about Baton Rouge
But I just can't remember no number
A number I can use
Directory don't have it, Central done forgot it
Got to find a number to use

Trying to check out her number
Trying to run down her line
Operator said that's privileged information
And it ain't no business of mine
It's flooding down in Texas, the poles are down in Utah
Got to find a private line

She could be hanging round a steel mill
Working in a house of blue light
Riding a getaway bus out of Portland
Talking to the night
I don't know where she's going, I don't care where she's been
Long as she's been doing it right
Long as she's been doing it right

The Grateful Dead
American Beauty

Lyrics: Ron McKernan
Music: Ron McKernan

An operator is a programming construct which modifies or derives a result from one or two variables or constants. In C++, operators are defined as members of classes, structs, or unions by the code

ClassName ClassName::operator + (ClassName & lh, ClassName &rh) {
// code

or something similar. C defines operators for several occasions, such as dereferencing (*), member dereferencing (->), and referencing (&), among many others. The following operators are legal in C (and C++):

Operators with two arguments (separated by spaces):
-> . + - * (multiplication) / % << >> < <= > >= == != ?: & ^ | && || = += -= *= /= %/ >>= <<= &= ^= |= -> .*

Operators with one argument:
:: () ++ -- ~ ! & * (dereferencing)

Also, there are two which have the form of words rather than symbols, namely sizeof and (type) (typecasting), where type is the name of an actual type, such as int, bool, or (CClientBoxDlg *). Both take one argument.

The default functionality of an operator can be overloaded by a user-defined function.

In molecular biology, an operator is the site of repressor binding on a DNA molecule. An operator is part of an operon.

From the BioTech Dictionary at For further information see the BioTech homenode.

Op"er*a`tor (?), n. [L.]


One who, or that which, operates or produces an effect.

2. Surg.

One who performs some act upon the human body by means of the hand, or with instruments.


A dealer in stocks or any commodity for speculative purposes; a speculator.

[Brokers' Cant]

4. Math.

The symbol that expresses the operation to be performed; -- called also facient.


© Webster 1913.

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