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Because people keep bringing it up: Yes, ush is my younger brother. No, we aren't the same person, as several people have discovered after making stupid assertions in catbox and elsewhere. I have been on this silly website for eight years. Please email me before closing my account, blaming things on me, etc. I have grown old and bitter, particularly in my interactions with this place. But I still like to come in once in awhile to check my messages without facing a flurry of crap from people who can't tell whether this is a website for writers or some sort of boring eternal flamewar that I'm itching to be personally involved in. I'm not. Leave me alone. </getofflawn>

"She sipped her coffee, like a big shot professional coffee drinker. She was the strange bird outside his window, and as she drank, he watched her elbow extend from her body as she leaned into the cup. It is a clumsy gesture, but not ridiculous."

-- from "Everything Beautiful Is A Torpedo", by Scout Thompson

>You are standing in front of a river. There is nowhere to go.
-- TheDeadGuy in This is the hardest thing you will ever do

I like this and I wrote it. I like this and this and this and this and I didn't write them.

There are a lot of excellent nodes re September 11th. Here are particularly good ones. longwinter | Jennifer (okay these are obvious but they're so so good)

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