I was walking in Central Park and saw a really freaky-looking dog running around. It's owner was a tall woman in shorts and sunglasses and, being a friendly person, I walked up and asked her what kind of dog it was.

She looked at me for a second and said, "It's, um, an Italian Greyhound."

Hearing her voice, I immediately realized it was Sigourney Weaver and that she thought I was some mook fan making up a reason to talk to her.

So, very smoothly, I said, "Wow. It's, um ... fast," and walked away.

I'm surprised she didn't call a cop.

To top it all off, my girlfriend, who was a few yards away, didn't believe me when I walked away with her saying it was Sigourney Weaver, so she snuck back, commando-style, to sneak a peek through some bushes. I sure hope Ms. Weaver wasn't still watching, or at least that she got a good laugh.

Born Susan Alexander Weaver on October 8, 1949 in New York City. At the age of 14 she read The Great Gatsby and decided to change her name to Sigourney, the name of one of Gatsby's party guests. Her parents were former NBC president Sylvester Weaver and actress Elizabeth Inglis. She was educated at Stanford and Yale before starting her acting career.


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