I was walking in Central Park and saw a really freaky-looking dog running around. It's owner was a tall woman in shorts and sunglasses and, being a friendly person, I walked up and asked her what kind of dog it was.

She looked at me for a second and said, "It's, um, an Italian Greyhound."

Hearing her voice, I immediately realized it was Sigourney Weaver and that she thought I was some mook fan making up a reason to talk to her.

So, very smoothly, I said, "Wow. It's, um ... fast," and walked away.

I'm surprised she didn't call a cop.

To top it all off, my girlfriend, who was a few yards away, didn't believe me when I walked away with her saying it was Sigourney Weaver, so she snuck back, commando-style, to sneak a peek through some bushes. I sure hope Ms. Weaver wasn't still watching, or at least that she got a good laugh.