An insider term in the pornography biz for the end user of the porn, i.e. the men who consume it.


Derogatory term used by Italian-Americans, as portrayed by Hollywood actors. A mook normally is a jerk, schmuck or idiot. I've heard it used to describe other Italians or African-Americans in a rude and oafish way.

Also, a mook is a wooden dummy used by practitioners of Wing Chun Kung Fu. The full name is Mook Yan Chong (aka Wing Chun Wooden Dummy).

An unnamed character in the roleplaying game "Feng Shui." Mooks are distinguished from named characters (aside from their lack of a name) by being easier to kill. They essentially have only one hit point and can be taken out of action by a single good die roll (accompanied, we hope, by an interesting description of the attack used against them--watch any Hong Kong action movie for ideas). Named characters, on the other hand, in addition to being more powerful in abilities, must take a fair amount of damage before they go down. For instance, leaping into the air, doing a triple kick to the face is fine for taking out a mook, but if you do that to a named character you'll just hurt him and make him mad. This does a good job of reflecting the reality of Hong Kong cinema, in which the heroes mow down hordes of faceless goons by the score, but the important villains are still a challenge to them. Similar mechanics have shown up in other RPGs with an action-movie bent, and in some gaming groups, "mook" has become the generic term for such characters.

A contraction of the words movie and book, used in Japan to describe a variety of literature from movie programs, collected screenshots and production art from an anime series or movie, or even video game hintbooks.

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