Kung Fury is an action comedy short film created by Laser Unicorn Studios in 2015. The movie is set in the Miami of 1985, the most violent place on Earth if the opening scenes are anything to go by. Who will bring order to this lawless city?

Kung Fury!

Kung Fury (real name not given) is the world's greatest cop (his own words) who gained mutant kung-fu powers after being struck by lightening and bitten by a cobra. This made him some sort of chosen one which got the attention of Adolf Hitler, the Kung F├╝hrer. Believing that killing Kung Fury will cement his place as the strongest martial artist of all time Hitler travels into the future. His attempt on our hero's life fails and Kung Fury decides to turn the tables and travel back in time to take the fight to the Reich. If you're still reading you should just go watch it on Youtube. Kung Fury is the bizarre love child of the internet and the 80s. This cliche storm features guns, explosions, Heavy Metal, masked storm troopers dying by the thousands, the Nintendo Power Glove, Hollywood hacking, backlit cell animation, cheesy animation, dinosaurs, vikings, bad tracking, Thor, robots, and so much more. If you like zany, violent films with surprisingly good special effects and paper thin plots then you'll almost certainly love Kung Fury.

Trailer. Official website.


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