Min"ion (?), n.





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Min"ion, n. [F. mignon, fr. OHG. minni love, G. minne; akin to E. mind. See Mind, and cf. Mignonette.]


A loved one; one highly esteemed and favored; -- in a good sense.


God's disciple and his dearest minion. Sylvester.

Is this the Athenian minion whom the world Voiced so regardfully? Shak.


An obsequious or servile dependent or agent of another; a fawning favorite.

Sir J. Davies.

Go, rate thy minions, proud, insulting boy! Shak.

3. Print.

A small kind of type, in size between brevier and nonpareil.

⇒ This line is printed in minion type.


An ancient form of ordnance, the caliber of which was about three inches.


Beau. & Fl.


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Min"ion, a. [See 2d Minion.]

Fine; trim; dainty.

[Obs.] "Their... minion dancing."



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