Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Season 5, Episode 2

Real Me

Original Air Date: October 3, 2000

This episode is primarily about introducing the brand new character, Dawn, who is Buffy's little sister. As those of you who have been watching past seasons know, Buffy doesn't have a little sister. She just appeared at the end of the season premiere. Well, this episode won't tell you where she appeared from, but it does tell you a little about her.

First of all, she's an annoying little pest. The episode opens up with her harassing Buffy while she's training. She spends most of her time writing in her diary about how much it sucks to be Buffy's little sister and how no one knows "the real me". Duh. I mean, of course no one knows her. She just showed up. Also, Buffy's mom, Joyce, is super-protective of her, and sends her along with Buffy wherever she goes, except when Buffy is patrolling, which Dawn is not allowed to see.

So, off go Giles and Buffy to the magic shop with Dawn tagging along. On the way they meet up with Willow and Tara. Upon getting to the magic shop, they see that the place has been ransacked and the owner has been killed by a vampire. Buffy sends Dawn outside, where a crazy man tells her "You don't belong here." Hmm. Is this foreshadowing or what?

In a cave, Harmony congratulates her gang of vampires on the successful raid on the magic shop. She tells them that they will kill the Slayer tonight.

Xander and Anya come over to babysit Dawn while Buffy goes out on patrol. Suddenly, a rock comes crashing through the window. It's Harmony, and the note on the rock says "Slayer! Come out and die!" Xander opens the door and tries to explain that Buffy isnt' home. Xander and Harmony argue for a while, which is especially funny since Harmony can't come in. And then Dawn accidentally invites her in.. D'oh. Well, Xander manages to fight Harmony off, but boy is Buffy pissed when she finds out Dawn invited a vampire in.

On their way back to the lair, Harmony's gang runs into Spike, who gives them the idea to kidnap one of Buffy's friends and use them as bait. Meanwhile, Buffy yells at Dawn, who gets upset and runs outside and then gets nabbed by a Harmony minion. The rest is pretty much as expected. Buffy shows up, kills all of Harmony's gang (except Harmony), rescues Dawn.

Giles buys the magic shop. That's cool.

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