The Page of Cool lists nodes picked by gods and editors as the best of Everything2. Some of the nodes are informational, some are funny, and some are time-topical.

The Page is a child of the front page on Everything1, when only editors could cool. The Page of Cool here on e2 was created in December 1999. Both gods and Content Editors can Cool a Node, as many as they would like. In general, gods mostly cool News For Noders and funny, E2-related nodes, while editors (and gods with more editorial duties) often cool factual and timely nodes with an excellent writing voice by the noders.

When the Experience Point system and C!hings appeared, the importance of the Page of Cool dwindled a bit. It was difficult to search for nodes cooled by Editors and Gods on the present page (which only lists 50 nodes at a time). Instead, Cool nodes with excellent writeups were left to be discovered randomly, or when a similar subject turned up. Fortunately, in the past year, features have been appearing to bring more attention to great nodes. A note in the epicenter now indicates if a Node has been Cooled, and we now have a nodelet called Read This that shows both recently Chinged and Cooled writeups and nodes. Cool Man Eddie now notifies all users whose writeups appear in a node that becomes cooled. As of August, 2002, you can look up what a member of the Administration has Cooled from either their home node, or the superdoc Editor Endorsements.

Other nodes about the Page of Cool

Statistics and lists of nodes that have appeared on the Page of Cool

The following categories have been painstakingly gathered from the Page of Cool to represent another picture of Everything2. Even more information will be gathered and added here and in more accomodating nodes, as well as being updated monthly now and then.

number of nodes Cooled by 21 Sept, 2011

(not counting those removed from coolness)

  • 5160
  • (down from 5489 by 9 Dec '08)
  • 5112 of these are 'Nodes'
  • 32 of these are of nodetype 'document'
  • 14 of these are of nodetype 'superdoc'
  • yes, there are two of no nodetype

longest titles

shortest titles

the node titles with no letters

Nodes cooled with the word 'fuck' in their titles


Nodes cooled with the word 'shit' in their titles


Nodes cooled with the word 'God' in their titles


Nodes cooled with the word 'Godot' in their titles


Repeatedly Cooled

the millionth node

  • list collector (the node for the writeup itself has the millionth node ID on e2, the node list collector is the 999998th node. it is currently impossible to discover who made the millionth post, or even if that's happened yet.)

e d b

Events and Snapshots on E2

logs logs logs

day logs:

dream logs:

other logs:

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