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Thanks to all participants for interesting and informative WUs that have supplemented E2 knowledge about this area and have helped raise the average quality of the factual aspect of E2. We are particulary happy to see a lot of work by the relatively new noders, who have all cleared the quality bar by good margin.

We hope that this short Quest has stimulated a continuing interest in writing and reading about the many aspects of the Middle East, and particularly the human dimension. Node on.

The influence of colonialism on the Middle East
Ahmed Ibn Majid
Imr Al Qais
Palestinian flag
Hope Flowers School
tar (sideways)
Longitudes & Attitudes
Gulf War (Semisane)
Unholy Wars
Palestine (grimly fiendish)
Oman (agazade)
The price of oil (Jennifer)
Mohamed Elbaradei (Hew, Nero)
Mecca (Irfan)
Sinai Peninsula (AT)
hadji (salimfadhley)
Beirut Nightmares
The Muqaddimah
Babylonian religion
Force 17
Islamic Republic News Agency
Iranian Hostage Crisis
Qatar (Haschel47)
Return from Exile
Iraq (Frankie)
Cold war in the Middle East
The Seven Years Campaign
Exodus 1947
Battle of Aleppo
Battle of Damascus
Kuwait (jmn32)
Battle of Angora
Eretz Israel (Arieh)
Saudi Arabia (littlerubberfeet)

This region is often a focus of world attentions, and has especially been so in the year or more since the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings in New York.

People around the world are forming opinions concerning this area, discussing the issues and making important decisions such as whether or not to support the policies of their governments on matters as serious as war, often on the basis of third-hand and 'filtered' information.

All about the lands and peoples between the eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf:

  • History
  • Climate, geography, vacation spots
  • Economics, demographics, international trade
  • Cultures (ethnic groups, customs, religions, diversity, education, arts, languages, influences on world culture ...)
  • Prominent people, past and present
  • Conflicts and alliances (tribes, states, inter-regional, etc.
  • International relations
  • Roles in world politics
  • ...

A few good examples to check out:

There's a good long list of existing nodes under Middle East. It includes some excellent write-ups, some adequate ones that could be expanded or deepened, and many that can be easily superseded. Others can be found under Between the Testaments - The Hellenistic Period and its softlinks and in the softlinks under Old Testament History. These are good places to start if you need inspiration.


With this Quest we want to add solid, factual information and well-reasoned analysis that is supported by facts to the E2 collective consciousness. We want researched, carefully crafted, original write-ups.

We do not want emotional arguments, purposely biased presentation, bald opinion, unsupported assertions or short off-the-top-of-your head stuff. Dig out facts and find the truth. We want your best work and content that truly contributes to understanding.

Post your contribution and softlink it here. (Don't include a hardlink reference to the Quest.) Then message Noung and/or Simulacron3 with a link to your WU to make sure we notice it. Multiple entries are welcome, but quantity is inferior to quality. Produce both and experience XP ecstasy!

The Quest begins now and ends at 23:59 server time on February 24. Let's get it on! (But take the time you need to produce exceptional WUs!)

Votes, C!s and blessing points!
Yeah, they are all waiting to shower upon you, in addition to the sheer ecstasy of fine noding, but the criteria are value of content and quality of presentation, and the bar is high! Cite your sources, folks!

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What we've got so far:

Also of interest:
Louis IX

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