Okay, this quest is a little different. What I'm looking for is multi-dimensional here - I'd like to see good, detailed biographies of key personalities, analytical write-ups of turning point battles and events, armaments, places, like Auschwitz, Belsen, and so on.

I can't give you a specific brief, because the subject is too vast, but I want detail and research, people, so that when my daughter asks me a question I can come to E2 and answer it. I want the Axis perspective as well as the Allies, mostly, I want things we are lacking already.

Don't give me more in areas that are already adequately covered - goodness knows, there's enough out there that isn't - so check first. (For example, people like Oskar Schindler, Josef Mengele, Alan Turing and the leaders of the various armies: Bernard Law Montgomery,Hasso von Manteuffel, Erwin Rommel, Georghi Zhukov, George S. Patton and Dwight D. Eisenhower have all got good entries already, but others like Omar Bradley and Louis Mountbatten are missing. El Alamein needs fleshing out, so does Auschwitz etc., etc., etc.)

When you complete your wu, softlink it here and /msg me. I'll hardlink, read, and vote. Outstanding writeups will receive a blessing of up to 30XP, and all entries that provide good, solid, in-depth information will be blessed to the tune of 10XP.

The quest will run from now until midnight UTC on 11 May - just five days. Only wus timestamped during that period will be eligible for the quest.

Go now, noders, and get me content.

This quest is now closed. Many thanks to the noders below for nearly fifty useful write-ups

  1. dido says re: Everything Quest: WWII History: Here's my entry: Wewelsburg
  2. DyRE says re Everything Quest - WWII history: I present my (first) entry - Claus von Stauffenberg
  3. cecil36 says I added a wu on the USS Arizona. The loss of that ship in 1941 was pivotal in involving the US in WWII.
  4. fugitive says re Everything Quest - WWII history: Consider a minor WWII figure for the quest, George Snavely Rentz.
  5. ReiToei says I have added a writeup on the Sobibor extermination camp. Hope this helps the quest :)
  6. tallman says re: Everything Quest: WWII History: I present unto you Operation Fortitude
  7. borgo says - may want to give my w/u Tokyo Rose a read for the latest quest - thx
  8. arrogantsob says re Everything Quest - WWII history: Here it is: The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany
  9. mblase says re Everything Quest - WWII history: Auschwitz has been written up.
  10. Sverre says I submit Blücher to the quest.
  11. keops says Re: WW2 quest - I just wrote up Otto Skorzeny.
  12. pylon says Just submitted Karl Dönitz for the WWII quest. Thanks :)
  13. vapour says I've noded Chubby Power for the quest.
  14. BrooksMarlin says I did Hobart's Funnies. One of the great hacks of WWI.
  15. Imprecation says V-3, for the armanents portion of the Quest! Silly Nazis!
  16. RainDropUp says This is a wonderful idea for a quest; I submit Wilhelm Frick, member of the Nazi party, for Everything Quest - WWII history.
  17. enth says re Everything Quest - WWII history: Take a look at Axis Sally!
  18. NotFabio says Consider my submission: The Battle of the Philippine Sea ("The Marianas Turkey Shoot") for your quest on WWII history. Thanks!
  19. BrooksMarlin says For the quest: Operation Gunnerside, a great unsung commando raid.
  20. Indra363 says re Everything Quest - WWII history: my submission is Dachau
  21. bariau says re Everything Quest - WWII history: I humbly submit Dunkerque to the quest :)
  22. AnotherMartini says re:Everything Quest - WWII history - I've added some token Aussie content, The Bombing of Darwin for your quest.
  23. Imprecation says Another entry--Norden bombsight. Thanks!
  24. Nero says re Everything Quest - WWII history: please add Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima to the quest please
  25. Maayan says I humbly submit Majdanek, since I'd been meaning to node it for a long time.
  26. BrooksMarlin says re Everything Quest - WWII history: I did World War II Bombing Raids on America. Silly Axis and their crazy plans.
  27. liveforever says All right - submitted for your consideration: Frikorps Danmark. Yecch.
  28. arieh says just noded mila 18. The quest continues....
  29. arieh says done Mordechai Anielewicz for the quest too.
  30. Nero says re Everything Quest - WWII history: please add marine corps war memorial to the quest
  31. drownzsurf says re Everything Quest - WWII history: Here is my most difficult to format, but I hope interesting addition to your WWII quest, Handbook on German Military Forces
  32. Jackson Mayhem says Buchenwald, for your quest
  33. pylon says Allied Bombing on Schweinfurt is submitted for your approval. Thank you. :)
  34. Glowing Fish says World War II in Greenland is my contributuon. Not the foremost theatre of the war, but an interesting one.
  35. sloebertje says I submit World War II on Texel for the quest
  36. DyRE says re Everything Quest - WWII history: I present my second entry - Arthur Nebe
  37. jmc says for the quest -- Survival in Auschwitz, Primo Levi's memoir of the concentration camp.
  38. borgo says - might want to try USO for something that came about as a result of WWII
  39. vapour says I've noded World War II and Canadian-Dutch friendship for the quest.
  40. liveforever says Please accept my addition to World War II in Greenland as my 2nd submission for the Quest.
  41. BrooksMarlin says I did Eddie Slovik. Poor guy got a bum rap.
  42. borgo says - McAuliffe's Christmas Message might make a good read for the quest
  43. RubenAzarja says re Everything Quest - WWII history: Dutch Nazi ally Anton Mussert...
  44. borgo says - who could forget the Italian Surrender Documents of World War II?
  45. RubenAzarja says re Everything Quest - WWII history: Love this quest. Too bad my time is limited currently. But anyway: Operation Market-Garden is yours too.
  46. Kalkin says re: Everything Quest: WWII History: I tentatively put forward Lancastria. Please could you suggest possible improvements? ed. comment: it's a good wu, little if any improvement needed
  47. vapour says I've noded Heinrich Himmler for the quest.

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