Forces that guide, aid or otherwise promote one's internal quest for spiritual deliverance. Can exist as other people, personal conviction, power plants, demons and angels, and virtually anything else the mind can latch onto as a source of inspiration or confidence. Allies play a prominent part in "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge", but exist, in their broadest sense, in all structures of faith.

In World War I, the nations allied by treaty against Germany and the other Central Powers; originally Great Britain, France, and Russia bound by the Treaty of London (1914), later joined by Italy, Japan, and Portugal. The United States was an associated power beginning in 1917.

In World War II, the nations associated against the Axis, especially Great Britain, the Soviet Union (from June, 1941), and the United States (from December, 1941). Other chief allies were China and France (1939-1940, 1944-1945).

See: United Nations
Also called: Allied Powers

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