A story about the Soviet Union attributed to Ronald Reagan:

"I am a collector of stories that I can establish are actually told by the people of the Soviet Union among themselves. And this one has to do with the fact that in the Soviet Union, if you want to buy an automobile, there is a 10-year wait. And you have to put the money down ten years before you get the car. So, there was a young fellow there that had finally made it, and he was going through all the bureaus and agencies that he had to go through, and signing all the papers, and finally got to the last agency where they put the stamp on it. And then he gave them his money, and they said, 'Come back in ten years and get your car.'

And he said, 'Morning or afternoon?'

And the man that had put the stamp on says,'Well wait a minute,' he says, 'we're talking about ten years from now. What difference does it make?'

He said, 'The plumber is coming in the morning."

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