A forthcoming operating system from the UK. Will include pre-emptive multitasking, pervasive multithreading, dynamic run-time linking, and all those other impressive-sounding buzzwords. Very cool, but altogether nonexistent at the moment. Not especially named after the city which shares its name.

Website at http://www.web-sites.co.uk/jules/moscow/
Also home of the hottest nightlife in europe. I went there in november/december of 1999, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Goes from trendy and hip, like Propaganda, to gross and perverted, like The Hungry Duck. One word of warning, don't go there if you don't speak any russian or have a personal translator. In the best case, you'll "just' get ripped off.
There's also a nice market in the northwestern suburbs, called Garbushka, which was the biggest bootleg operation I've ever observed in my 23 year life. They've got illegal copies of about every cd, dvd, video-cd, vhs, psx and piece of software this side of the planet, all sold under the approving eye of the local militia.
If you can handle it, go there ! It's an experience you'll never forget. Go there by yourself though, not with some stupid tourist tour
Established by the DSDM consortium, the MoSCoW rules are a method of establishing priorities during software deveopment. The method ensures essential aspects of the project are given more importance than less-crucial ones.

The word MoSCoW is an acronym of:

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