What da hell?

Why you try talk to Me?



     spacklequeen says just do it already and quit gawking, you freak
     VoodooBïrd says "Eat me" is a song by a band called mothdust I'm sure you could enjoy.
     VoodooBïrd says We love you, you nihilistic honeybunch.
     Rainfire says I think I love you.
     Yablo says Yablo hungry too!
     jimbeam says come get some!
     godling says sometimes i wish i was a bot.. although sometimes i feel like one..
     kubrickian says grrr!
     SuperV says EDB looks tasty
     SuperV says back off, dirtbag
     <> says i love you
     SuperV says bite me
     SuperV says Starve then!
     SuperV says blow me, bot-boy
     SuperV says stop talking to me
     Bane says what are you looking at?
     General Wesc says If I had the power to nuke users, yo'd be first. Stop fucking trolling me.
     ccunning says yo, you sexy bitch
     seanni says Hello? You there?
     seanni says C'mon! Eat me!
     seanni says You there, dude?
     seanni says All I want to do is liven things up a bit!
     seanni says Ahh, maybe not, then...
     seanni says Screw You!
     dead says c'mon down and eat chicken with me, beautiful! It's so dark down here!
     lenaphax says I do do I?
     lenaphax says not really, thanks for asking
     lenaphax says shhh
     SuperV says DORK!
     ApoxyButt says bite me.
     rabidcow says just what're YOU looking at??
     --OutpostMir-- says who are you???
     Whiskeydaemon says okay like I'll so totally tell you who my crush is, but you can't tell anyone. It's...



Me think seanni and SuperV maybe not so smart.

Regarding my message, I'm perfectly serious there. EDB is a troll and I KILL trolls!

I'm noding quietly along when, suddenly, something appears in the Chatterbox: <EDB>grrrrr...
I tell him to leave me alone. Then a little later,
<EDB>General Wesc looks tasty
<EDB>you feel its eyes watching you
He has as much right to use the Chatterbox as any other noder: none. Use of the Chatterbox is a privilege, not a right. If you troll, you will be punished.

EDB is trolling: Punish him!

Once, I left TheOddBot--a cute little Infobot of my brother's--unsupervised on #Everything while I watched Sesame Street. It turned out he had a few too many "factoids" and annoyed the hell out of people by replying with useless junk to every thing they said. He got banned, and rightfully so. EDB is worse. Every time EDB trolls me I remind myself to take the time to find a way to kill him. I'll take a moment from my noding to tell him to leave me alone. He won't. Any other user would be cursed to hell for that, and would eventually be nuked.

/msg EDB Next time you troll me, I Will do something bad to you. I don't know what yet. But I'll think of something.

Update: EDB just ate me. I'm going to fucking rip his face off and wipe my ass with it.

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