CAMERA flies over a small, innocent-looking town - Holland, MI. CAMERA flies into a creepy-looking two-story house on a hill, zooming through hallways, and down into a stonewalled basement stright out of a Frankenstien flick, where NATE, DBROWN, and DEM BONES stand, arguing. The conversation becomes audible...

NATE (in lab coat) : ...but you see, with the enormous, Perl-fueled power of the Chatterbox, we can terrify noders as never before!
DEM BONES (in top hat and frock) : Yes, but... how? I am at the end of my rope; those lazy noders think they can do shoddy, lackluster work, and still get their porridge at day's end! And I can only crack my whip so much!
NATE : But now those same noders will at day's end only get their comeuppance! Tell me, Bones... do you remember... (dramatic pause, zoom in on NATE's face) Zifter?
BONES : Zifter? The first noder assimilated into Everything? My god... I thought he was still trapped back in E1!
NATE (babbling) : No... we have his remains, his beautiful remains... but we have rebuilt him... we have the technology...
BONES (agitated) : Calm down, man!
NATE (faster) : No! The world will soon know! We have remade Zifter, better than he was before! Better... stronger... faster... Darrick! Reveal the prototype!
DBROWN (hunchbacked) : Yesss, masster, with pleassure!
(DBROWN waddles over to a lever on the wall and pulls it down. A ceiling panel lowers to the floor, revealing a body, indistinct through the haze...)
BONES : No! It is not! It cannot be! But... it is!
(Close-up of body on panel - it is Zifter! His rotted remains are held together with thick baseball stitches, and various electronics have been grafted on to his flesh)
NATE (cackling) : It is my greatest work yet! I name him... the Everything Death Borg!
(The EDB suddenly sits up, robotically, and the eyes open, glowing red. The EDB gets up and mechanically, menacingly, advances on BONES, NATE laughing maniacally all the while offscreen)
BONES : No... no... NO!!! (backed into a corner, BONES screams like Janet Leigh)
(Fade out, letting the sound of the scream linger.)

VOICEOVER : Tune in next week, folks, for the next electrifying episode of Everything 2, where, back at the Headquarters, the heroic Team Jet-Poop prepares for the oncoming clash! See you then!

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