September 6, 2000
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This o dem bones, is a tale for those brave of heart and strong of constitution. Over the next hours I and thy other other manacled servants shall record here what has been done for the weal and welfare of E2. Though we may be slighted, insulted, down-voted and whipped like dogs for our actions, these typo /msgs must be sent, these nodes must be nuked. The Crypt shudders open.

  • things you would bring with you if you were ever invited to shower with Deborah909 by everyone.
  • big breast just-turned-eight-teen-virgin's that wants to get down by Alaryis. Requested by tregoweth. It's not that I am a prude (although I probably am, and a dried up old one at that). But to misspell "horny" and "lesbian" and even "tit" does not make for a good writeup.
  • Xanax by jayms. Requested by bonnet. Apparently the advice given was dangerous. It was also linkless.
  • Dynamite Hack by Bucktug. Opinions without links.
  • Some title edits requested by --OutpostMir-- and others, some I have randomly tripped and fell over.

    Nuked the nodeshells left behind by Lord Brawl's kills and one reprted by psydereal.


    I have taken to threatening bad noders with a vist from Lord Brawl. "Please fix this before Lord Brawl finds it." Seems most effective.

    • #ska; ircska; by nate666 and confuzd, two-tone by nate666 (who has been nuked).
    • I know what you did last summer by badger. Requested by dragoon.
    • I have had to nuke new user frotteurist for posting nonsense and arguing with wharfinger about it in Chatterbox. Troll.
    On a more pleasant note, cleaned out some nodeshells for the fierce Uberfetus, a title change for the lovely Lometa, and one for Mr. mat catastrophe.

    • I have added an mo's Nobel Prizes: Economics into bone's wu and nuked her wu asking for it to be added.
    • 2000 Hugo Award Winners by dg. This is complez. Novalis had a series of previous Hugo nodes. mblase and dg both did 2000 but the mblase made his consistent with Novalis', including "last/up/next" links. mblase requested that one be nuked, if his, then dg's title changed and so on. Of course, I msged dg about it.
    • Pretentious-Bitch; Unamerican MetaNode; post here if you want sex with sfc; sacred cow; Un-American all by dead. As requested.

    Greeted two newbies, one with the warm hand of friendship, and the other (frotteurist; see below) with a polo mallet between its beady little eyes.

    • toilets by nick (never logged in on E2)

      "If you spell T.S. Eliot backwards, it spells toilets." You think so, huh? Try again.

    • I just did something evil by CthulhuFhtagn

      The user is unable to distinguish between "evil" and "moronic". He made some repulsive nodeshells about another user, then wrote a little "poem" about it. Drunk? Stupid? Who cares?

    • Episode 1 by Slush (never logged in on E2)

      "A place in Koowammaba where the Army tested their super ray guns many years ago on innocent Koowammabas."

      I'm all for nonsense, but this is too fragmentary and vague to be amusing. A nodeshell remains.

    • farlane (last seen July 11, 2000) has been pruned:

      • interactive adventure

        "this is an interactive adventure.

        Try not to hurt yourself."


      • jenny mcfarlane: Now he's bragging about his sister's secondary sexual characteristics. I find that disturbing. It's pretty much content-free anyway, and not graphical enough to excite prurient interest.

      • pretenders: Even if it were correct, it'd be redundant. Our hero attempts to define pretender (as in "pretender to the throne"), but he comes to grief because he doesn't know what the hell it means. Don't try to define a word if you're not bright enough to find the Webster 1913 entry for it, okay?

    • Sunrise Meditation by coplan: If you want to thank somebody for a writeup, send a /msg. I /msg'd coplan to suggest a nuke request, but I got no response.

    • The Level Promotion Node by coplan: He wants us to know that he's level 4 now. Don't do that. The user was informed after the fact. Enough is enough.

    • Emporer Tomato Ketchup by Ed Aims (never logged in on E2)

      "A brand of ketchup :) also see stereolab"

      Emperor is spelled "Emperor". There is a Stereolab record entitled Emperor Tomato Ketchup, and they spell it correctly. It's got its moments but I wouldn't call it their best effort. Could somebody zap the nodeshell?

    • Zane Corwin presents:

    • cereal by MrChavo: "Smoke a bowl! With milk!" Someday a real rain'll come and wash all the morons out of the database. Until then, I'll do what I can with what I got.

    • ratso's nightmare by frotteurist (user no longer exists)

      "pure vapidity! i thought chaos had no quantifiable parts?"

      I can scrag 'em faster than you can gibber 'em, kid. And take that redundant second suffix off your name, while you're at it.
    • the largest feedback loop, ever by frotteurist (user no longer exists)

      More nonsense, but this time I think it was attempting to communicate, in a crude way. I /msg'd it, asking for more clarity. It manifested in the Chatterbox and told me that I wasn't qualified to judge its sublime literary efforts. A tedious conversation ensued; it made the same grandiose noises they all make. Nobody cared. sensei vaporized it on becoming convinced that it was untrainable. Elegantly, I /msg'd sensei "Kill it", and when the page finished reloading there was a /msg from sensei reading "Done". This critter was just another idiot who can't handle criticism and can't accept authority, regardless of how tactful and mild the authority may be. And I really was reasonably tactful at first.

    • Rip-off Man by Foxy Penguin: Incoherent babble about Microsoft w/r/t Linux. This stuff has been done to death for a long, long time.

    /msg coplan your {sunrise meditation} really adds nothing. i'd advise a nuke request. /msg g_force your {thought disorder} looks like something you did as a newbie, and it's ripe for a nuke request. /msg drawkcab welcome to E2. {right side up} is kinda neat, but it neads hardlinks. read {Read Me First: Getting Started On E2} for that, and more. if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. /msg coplan there's an 'e' in {syndrome}. you should do a {Edit these E2 Titles \ title edit request} /msg redlami {In this World} could use some more work. you might tell us when it was released, or what it sounds like. You should also hardlink the song titles. {business card slitter} by Falsch Freiheit -- kill if no reply
    Don't worry Lil' Timmy, these writeups have been "given to a nice, caring family living on a farm, where they can have more room to play and be happy."
    • transportation by JeffyBaby:

      "My main mode of transportation is a Chevette"

      -That does not qualify as transportation. Do not mislead the children.

    • spleen by JeffyBaby:

      "Have you ever tried monkey spleen and pesto sauce?...Neither have I."

      -Linkless detritus, most unworthy of existence. And why '(person)'?

    • Facula by JeffyBaby and danfairs:

      "Facula was a great guy. He helped a lot of people." & "I trivia-laden Dracula? Factula. Maybe not."

      -Don't you guys have better things to do, like grow brain cells or something?

    • Tortilla Chip by JeffyBaby:

      "I usually find bits of tortilla chips between the cushions of my couch."

    • Shreaded Wheat by JeffyBaby:

      "A crappy cereal that my grandpa eats."

      -How exactly do they "shread" wheat, anyway? Poor Grandpa.

    • I'm dumb by ojnk:

      -You didn't have to prove it by creating this node.

    • You're dumb by ojnk:

      -Takes one to know one.

    • anal entrance by MrP-:

      "your mouth"

      -Hey, don't forget to capitalize!

    • penile entrance by MrP-:

      "your mouth"

      -Hmmm, familiar...

    • by mebreathing:

      -This noder decided to describe this website by noding an almost-random jumble of associated words. When you create factual nodes, I recommend you use complete sentences.

    • tell him to shut his cracker ass up:r1 by Warren:

      -Warren decided to rename several movies with phrases including "shut his cracker ass up". Um, okay. One node of this lameness I might be able to withstand. But it didn't really require a follow-up. Plus, I hate ":r1" writeups.

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