Don't worry Lil' Timmy, these writeups have been "given to a nice, caring family living on a farm, where they can have more room to play and be happy."
  • transportation by JeffyBaby:

    "My main mode of transportation is a Chevette"

    -That does not qualify as transportation. Do not mislead the children.

  • spleen by JeffyBaby:

    "Have you ever tried monkey spleen and pesto sauce?...Neither have I."

    -Linkless detritus, most unworthy of existence. And why '(person)'?

  • Facula by JeffyBaby and danfairs:

    "Facula was a great guy. He helped a lot of people." & "I trivia-laden Dracula? Factula. Maybe not."

    -Don't you guys have better things to do, like grow brain cells or something?

  • Tortilla Chip by JeffyBaby:

    "I usually find bits of tortilla chips between the cushions of my couch."

  • Shreaded Wheat by JeffyBaby:

    "A crappy cereal that my grandpa eats."

    -How exactly do they "shread" wheat, anyway? Poor Grandpa.

  • I'm dumb by ojnk:

    -You didn't have to prove it by creating this node.

  • You're dumb by ojnk:

    -Takes one to know one.

  • anal entrance by MrP-:

    "your mouth"

    -Hey, don't forget to capitalize!

  • penile entrance by MrP-:

    "your mouth"

    -Hmmm, familiar...

  • by mebreathing:

    -This noder decided to describe this website by noding an almost-random jumble of associated words. When you create factual nodes, I recommend you use complete sentences.

  • tell him to shut his cracker ass up:r1 by Warren:

    -Warren decided to rename several movies with phrases including "shut his cracker ass up". Um, okay. One node of this lameness I might be able to withstand. But it didn't really require a follow-up. Plus, I hate ":r1" writeups.