September 26, 2000
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O dem bones. Oh oh oh. Woe. The nodegel was turgid and murky yesterday. Many were the times that nodes were balanced on the cusp of the right and wrong shape for use in your plan. There were but few nodes so right as to be worth raising to be fastened to the Page of Cool. I swam through homenodes into the older nodes of some of the noders to seek solace there.

Your minions have observed that the EDB is now holding borged users longer and longer in the confines of its steaming gut. There are rumours. Many rumours. Are they being slowly dissolved by digestive juices? Are implants being inserted? Are their Microsoft Wallet files being gone through while they are so restrained and distracted? Are they being impregnated with tiny EDBs that will eventually burst from their homenodes like the young of the peeper toad burst in the hundreds from its back? We do not know. What guides the EDB? What is this "blood" the EDB smells within the gel? We do not know the ways of EDB but can only watch and wonder.

But we know the gel. The gel needs to be shaped into good nodes or it will grow darker and cooler. The noders must shape good nodes or the nodegel will grow thicker and slower.

We can only pray that the noders will help the gel.

A new dawn dawns within the server.

The Crypt destablizes the following and returns them to freegel from whence new nodes may be shaped:

I squeezed some nodeshells between my mandibles and they popped. Then I did some titles and fixed a few broken nodes.

Delete, delete, delete:

  • warhead. by Jope, by request.
  • Requested by Rollo, two nodes by fled user Zoz:
    • symetrical
    • asymetrical
  • 43 by Wildebeest along with a number of shells were rendered into freegel at the request of lazyr (who may inherit the gel).
  • bastard by zztzed. November 13, 1999 linkless definition, surpassed by everything else under it.
  • Sadly, The Possibly Maybe Brilliant E2 Music Lotto by mistero, by request. There was some nasty softlinking underneath. Silly softlinkers, tricks are for kids.
  • Betty Davis Eyes by Geez. Requested by stand/alone/bitch.
  • super-sexy lesbian by Nyzeme. Requested by sleeping wolf.
  • I've nuked all of the nodeless accounts found by the mighty Lord Brawl. This took me about 45 minutes. I can't imagine what minutes are missing from Brawl's life now just so that news users can sign in as
    E1 noders, never logged in: QGJ_RJ, quarky, quasar_30, Quatzl, Queen V, quent, questor, quickey, quinnb, Quixote, qulythug, quonsar, Quoz, QwikSand922, Aatu
    Created in the 1st half of '00: Quasimeta, Qubit, querity, quickdeath, quisqualis, quod, quonone, qwex
    Created in July or August '00: Q-master, Qblade, qfour20, Qoquaq, Quadranaro, quantumsquirrel, Quixotic, quux, qwerty the barbarian
It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out:
  • dream log by TW: He says he doesn't often remember his dreams, but the next time he does, he'll do a writeup. So what?! The other writeups in dream log define the "dream log" concept.

  • ryan frietag by chizzad (never seen on E2): His friend has hair.

  • liberal arts by pinky64 (fled): Stupid joke about fries. I'd have left it, but the same joke was in an earlier writeup already.

  • by wharfinger: Somebody noded a nuke request complaining about URL nodes, so I moved this writeup. Now I'm wondering why I bothered. Oh, well.

  • hello hello hello by womby (never seen on E2): "what a wonderful word hello". Oh yes, yes indeed, it's as wonderful as a toe-sack full of coypus with scabies, but you forgot to tell us why, son. Maybe it's a line from a song. I guess I don't really care.

  • sprouts by womby (never seen on E2): Well, it's not funny, it's not interesting, and there's nothing there that tells me a damn thing about sprouts.

  • sprouts by kapner: "sprouts take up space and time and have no taste." That's nice, Billy.

  • good time by Seumas (last seen May 18): "...What your mother gave me lastnight. And what Kyle Thomason can give you tonight!" Don't node this kind of crap.

  • Adi Shamir by mipe: Wherein the intrepid mipe says at great length that he doesn't know who Adi Shamir is (he is actually somebody). I /msg'd mipe to suggest a nuke request "real soon before I kill it", but he couldn't be bothered.

  • Jeff Demaagd by Xzqv: "Tried (and failed) to repent of his evil EE ways by attending the abstract gathering." Meaningless.

Nodeshells We Can Live Without: Mr. T cooled by balls! (s/by/my/g, and it's retarded anyway), ryan frietag, I'm in love with a ninfomaniac.

Sent to the Sexecutioner:
  • sakico pointed out the user rayh, author of a number of poor writeups. Said writeups were dispatched with little fanfare:

    • ASCII Art: Sadaam Hussein: "wow that looks like it took a long time" (no purpose)

    • Corroboration: "working with someone" (incorrect)

    • The Last Outpost (TNG): "SanjuroE knows too much about Star Trek" (knowledge is not a bad thing)

    • caucasian: "Some call us crackers." (the other writeups are a little more informative)

    • mountain biking: "I LOVE mountain biking. I think I'm going to get a Trek Pro 9.9 soon!" (good for you)

    • LMLP: "ticker of a sweet stock that i've had since it was at 5..." (don't fucking do this)

    I was really nice to rayh. I read through all of his work, and I'm sure a more trigger-happy editor would delete at least a dozen more. He's all yours, boys.

"Hey, Pa. Look who's done come to visit!"

"Whosit, Ma?"

"It's 'at 'are mindriot1 feller."

"Ain't he th' one what done shot up th' bait shop an' kilt Unk Snuff?"

"Yep. Same 'un. He'z 'a wheelin' in from behind th' barn in that ol' pickup. Wants I should kill 'im?"

"Is a possum greezy?"

Nodes / Writeups / Users removed today:

  • shit, creed, Texas, node by mindriot1.
  • my first time, Curt Cobain, the one that I live for, 1968 Impala by mindriot1.
  • User mindriot1. Oh, wait. I haven't done that, . . . yet....
  • 1978 by Jeff_Magnus. We know your b'day already. Thanks.
  • Oh, and I cleaned out some of the old "who wants a postcard from" stuff. I started w/ the ones in Jet-Poop's locker which just left an address or nothing of historical value. Then I moved to Hodgepodge's locker and just cleaned the whole thing out.
    -I'm not picking on anyone here, and I plan to do a thorough job. These are dated and of no use any longer, eh?

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