It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out:
  • dream log by TW: He says he doesn't often remember his dreams, but the next time he does, he'll do a writeup. So what?! The other writeups in dream log define the "dream log" concept.

  • ryan frietag by chizzad (never seen on E2): His friend has hair.

  • liberal arts by pinky64 (fled): Stupid joke about fries. I'd have left it, but the same joke was in an earlier writeup already.

  • by wharfinger: Somebody noded a nuke request complaining about URL nodes, so I moved this writeup. Now I'm wondering why I bothered. Oh, well.

  • hello hello hello by womby (never seen on E2): "what a wonderful word hello". Oh yes, yes indeed, it's as wonderful as a toe-sack full of coypus with scabies, but you forgot to tell us why, son. Maybe it's a line from a song. I guess I don't really care.

  • sprouts by womby (never seen on E2): Well, it's not funny, it's not interesting, and there's nothing there that tells me a damn thing about sprouts.

  • sprouts by kapner: "sprouts take up space and time and have no taste." That's nice, Billy.

  • good time by Seumas (last seen May 18): "...What your mother gave me lastnight. And what Kyle Thomason can give you tonight!" Don't node this kind of crap.

  • Adi Shamir by mipe: Wherein the intrepid mipe says at great length that he doesn't know who Adi Shamir is (he is actually somebody). I /msg'd mipe to suggest a nuke request "real soon before I kill it", but he couldn't be bothered.

  • Jeff Demaagd by Xzqv: "Tried (and failed) to repent of his evil EE ways by attending the abstract gathering." Meaningless.

Nodeshells We Can Live Without: Mr. T cooled by balls! (s/by/my/g, and it's retarded anyway), ryan frietag, I'm in love with a ninfomaniac.