• hell by WyntrsNyte
    Identifies it as a Squirrel Nut Zippers song, which is true, but later on someone does the same and provides the lyrics. So this one goes. (Plus, he/she called them a "rock band". FREEBIRD! PLAY FREEBIRD!!!)
  • hell by ohe
    "Hell is data entry." It's true that data entry is hell, but one of my goals is to keep this entry from becoming a long list of things people simply dislike.
  • hell by SueZVudu
    A five-item list of things Sue dislikes.
  • hell by BelDion
    "Whatever the tortures of Hell, I think the boredom of Heaven would be even worse." This is one of those stoned 14-year-old writeups I ranted about once upon a time. Sorry, but I demand a little more philosophical rigor when it comes to the Big Issues.
  • hell by Sudderth
    "Redmond, WA." Yep, the inevitable Microsoft reference. Not a bad thing in and of itself, IF you can actually make it funny.
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. by brother_b
    The phrase repeated over and over as in "The Shining", but with no context. moJoe did the same thing, but with some panache.
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. by trilobyte
    "Meat Beat Manifesto is the best music ever."
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. by tonto
    Discusses AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LINE from "The Shining". Aaaagh!!! Die node, die!
  • heaven by erich
    After all the nukeworthy hell writeups, I figured I'd find some good huntin' over in heaven too. This one was just good-natured but ignorant babbling.
  • heaven by herbman
    "anyone who is cracked up enough to believe that there's this mystical place after-life (but only if you've been good) is smoking the good stuff." I suspect herbman has been smoking a little too much of the good stuff too...
  • Let me take this moment to mention how much I loathe DMan's writeups on heaven and hell. It's not the fact that I disagree with him; it's the utterly contemptuous tone he uses when referring to people who believe in their existence. Smugness and arrogance are the two things in this world that drive me absolutely batshit. Don't get me wrong, the writeups don't deserve to be nuked by a long shot. I just hate them.
  • Starship Troopers by Masterofcheez and thorprime
    Basically said "good book, bad movie" without adding much else. I figure you only need one writeup like that, so I let CaptainSpam's offering stand as the sole example.
I didn't kill many, but i killed deliberately. Thinning, so the stronger nodes can grow more lush. You know?
  • eric+ and mblase's additions to Nebula award were killed without penalty in a cleanup job: they had been assimilated into yossarian's writeup there. A clean node is a happy node. Of course, this is kinda like a metanode. Everyone/anyone could maintain it if it was written by the everyone account, hint hint.
  • canar's addition to the same node was killed without mercy. There was no content! I suppose it might have been wiped clean when the info in yoss's superceded it. Don't do that!!! Really, it sucks.
  • Killed my writeup in bigger breasts because it didn't really add anything useful or interesting except a trigger for moJoe's response, sorry about that.
  • my site, by ezrec, got yanked up by the roots. Nov. 13. The web is full of URLs. Make it interesting and we might consider it. Also, you don't come 'round here no more. So, excuse me, but you have to make me care.
  • Nodeshell killed (would like to have killed with penalty): world is better off without your node - because it apparently was created just to softlink-comment on a pondering-suicide node. Now, you may be tired of it, i may be weary of it, but i've been there, haven't you? If you've got something to say to them, say it. If i've got nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
  • i took aim at pills i take that make me happy, but yaypea beat me to it. She's good. REAL goood.
And what else, what else? Oh yes, fixed caps in node titles. Fixed grammar/spelling in node titles. Handed out unsolicited opinions. Handed out unsolicited spelling corrections. Encouraged several newbies. Fixed up Webby flubs. Made faces at people who couldn't see me. Trust me, they were shocking. Shocking.

Went strolling in the garden - i missed it while i was gone.

Comments welcome.

September 12, 2000:

September 18, 2000: September 19, 2000

Note how I do it by month. This makes it easier to find why your writeup was killed if you don't know the exact date, and it only gets me one writeup per month. No NFN for me!

BTW, grammatically there shouldn't be a comma in here. Oops.

the fading past | the fuzzy future

To avoid NFN I am slowly consolidating and deleting older logs.

Editor Log: September 1, 2000

Writeups removed:

Found several E1 users who did "not deserve existence" to quote bugman.

Removed nodeshells: DJ Chris, not deserve existence, heaps fully, Initial Node, terminal node.
Removed users: jdybnis, Josh Dybnis, bugman.
Thanks, sensei!

Killed I am a bad roommate (person) by Whywait? by user request.

Users /msg'd

Several about spelling; requested noder permission to kill some stuff.

Lordspace cleanup

The following noder "Lord"s have no nodes, and could be expelled from the E2 peerage by a kindly (god):

Lord British, Lord Butter, LoRD GaNeSH, Lord Klamath, Lord MyCroft, Lord Of Those That Smak, Lordahdaring, LordByar, lordcian, lordgod, lordjames, lordjulius, lordred, Lord_Dacodo

Other than sutch, Omar and the newbie Bear, there sure are a lot of underperforming Lords. 1 to 3 nodes is common. Disappointing.

Editor Log: September 2, 2000

Writeups removed:

Rockwalrus' nodes are pre-Webster 1913. No longer relevant with the advent of E2. No direspect to Rockwalrus (except for BYU).

Capsi and 24623.10959 leave behind nodeshells which can be removed.

Editor Log: September 5, 2000

Writeups removed:

Please ... if you must comment on your favo(u)rite band ... say something meaningful.

Nodeshells remain for hungry howies, The nonexisting sentance and ignorant, bastard goat-dicks .

Removed noder ivey's 2 "advertising" nodes, and dmiller's complaint regarding one of them. Nodeshells remain for REALM Information Technologies and happy jack as well as a nodeshell for ivey. ivey's interesting but linkless small children I spared, partly to avoid being asked:

Kill 'small children (thing)'?
OK Cancel

Nodeless Noders:

My encounter with isolation led to my continuation of my latest E2 hobby: auditing the Everything User Directory:

Rendered nodeless by my semi-mighty hand: isolation, ivantk, isty, iceburg and with great satisfaction intshredr.

Found wandering nodeless: indy, IamFear, Isando, infinitemadness, ivo, Innova, Ike, ivan, itp, Interlocutor, Isamu, inkyslay, impresario, ithompson, Ibbey, iago, irishmex, ihdloaxs, irbie, ineffible, ilken, i960153, ionwill, ilttyd, insanepc, inphlux, ic-viola, Irene, ... bedtime.

Thanks, sensei, for exorcising the tortured ghosts above.

E1 issues

Removed these old nodes that talk about E1 issues: The Everything Non-Problem, The Everything Non-Problem Problem and The Everything Non-Problem Problem 2. Nodeshells remain for all. (If you really want to read 'em, go back to E1.)

Users /msg'd

/msg'd Zorin about E2-ttt-1 ... indicated that "this sucks." is not helpful.

Editor Log: September 7, 2000

Writeups removed:

Hey kids! If you want to tell us about your birthday, please use your home node. Then no more nodes will have to die. Thank you for your cooperation.

1. Can't let yoss do all the doity woik.

Nodeshells that can go: Miller Hooks

Users /msg'd

I just did a bit of order keeping before bedtime. I applauded yossarian on excellent work yesterday, I know just how nasty that kind of work can be.

Other thoughts

I am pleased that sensei is using my name to keep order. THAT IS AS IT SHOULD BE.

Editor Log: September 8, 2000

Writeups removed:

Hey kids! If you want to tell us about your rectum, please ... don't.
This is Everything, yes, but it'll need to be some rectum node before it's a Node for the Ages.

Nodeshells: Joacim, Melin and; titty fucking, Luke Nykamp; Sir Jakersly: keeper of the holy trousers and the drunk guy who (happened across this one)

The Yound and the Nodeless

If I could delete these accounts, I would. But I can only hold them up for attention by the gods:

Users /msg'd

Hung out in the Noders Nursery. It was pretty quiet, as usual. I sent several encouraging /msg's to good new users. Also:

/msg Ground_Control A lot of your low rep stuff is one-liners w/o links. Could you please fix 'em up?
/msg mmorgan27 You need to hard link in rtti.
/msg Gaff in Java Virtual Machine: You mean "pseudocode"
/msg mattbw Please move your stuff in Sir John A. McDonald to Sir John A. Macdonald.

mattbw, Gaff and mmorgan27 have all done as requested. Thanks, noders!
Ground Control felt (I paraphrase) that he didn't have time to fix those nodes. So I offered to kill them instead. He has since promised to review them.

Other thoughts

I had bookmarked microsoft sucks, intending to kill every node in it and audit the nodes of everyone who contributed to it. Not because I love Microsoft, but because all 4 writeups were poor. Fortunately for the perpetrators, sensei swept the node clean before I could do so. But sleep lightly, young noders. Lord Brawl stalks among your nodes, even now.

Editor Log: September 9, 2000

Nodes removed:

Today I perused the collected works of many noders. Some, like those of Fruan, pleased me and many were voted up. Some, like the works of E1 noder wyked, did not please me (or many others, either) and were voted down or killed (see below).


(gods) nuked these nodeshells: Erin Leach, era the, No, but Right on, so do you have Gertrude's number?, RCPM, Aborectus Maximus, Age of Ack, Rosco Flatulento, Prince Thelonious Butt.

New ones: continue! and Uranus-Hertz

And can someone do something with juliet's Decebemer 28, 1998. A node title edit, at least. I don't quite know what else to suggest, it overreaches me.

Users /msg'd

A long chat with Utini420 about some old nodes. I think we're in sync now.

/msg Senso Are you sure about honey I'm coming? Isn't it "here's johnny"?
/msg fondue Is E2 Poll! What Video Card Should I Buy? still relevant?

The Young and the Nodeless

ideath has helped these noders find peace...

By my semi-mighty hand: xbill, L0ki.

By their own failure to node: Zach Frey, l-train8, ...

Also I gave ideath these ones: Zach Hobbs, zachdahlem, ZachHobbs, Zachsmind, zacl

Editor Log: September 10, 2000

O mighty dem bones: we, your servants, carrying the torch of our illustrious Master sensei, do offer up our labours unto you, that they might find favour.

Writeups removed:

I know it looks like I came down hard on ThePod, but it's all junky E1 stuff. The stuff I left is marginally better. Normally I would also kill these E1 related nodes: The First Everything Gang, Everything Gang and Everything Police but they're in dem_bones' "Everything Culture" Nodes list. What should I do?

I "glared at" (great term, Jet-Poop): Harry Connick, Jr and tube steak by saundeam; but decided I'd inflicted enough hurt on this noder today.


lots 'o space+, lots 'o space++, lots 'o space+++ and lots 'o space++++.

InterPOW, Jill Connick, WAGD, We're all gonna die,


Users /msg'd

Many were summoned to my lair in The Chambers of Sith and instructed on various topics.

/msg bozyo Please hard link in Monty Python

The Young and the Nodeless

I am not quite as restrained as jaypea. I will *not* list anyone who has been on in the last 60 days. I *will* kill a user's only w/u and put them on the list if (a) they are long gone and (b) it's lame.

These unquiet souls have already been put to rest:
L298, l3goman, l4me0, L66P, LA, labyrinthine, Lackey, lactose, lad, LAdams9999, Laerphon, lag, Laggy Toes, lahazard, lahcen,, lala, Lala4098, lalaland, Lalhira, laliho, lally.

And these are the new shadows:
Parise, lame-o, lamer, Lamont, lampropeltis, Lan, lana, steve, Landivar2, Lan_rover, lapax, lapis, LapTop006, lar, larafae, LARRY B, larry wolfe, LarryH, LarsFromMars

Editor cools

My first time ever: eminence grise (gray eminence) by whizkid

Other thoughts

I was involved w/ talking to a couple of noders, and stuck my virtual head into "outside" to ask a question, and got borged. It was a fine reason to go to bed.

fondue has cleared the removal of E2 Poll! What Video Card Should I Buy?. Can one of the (gods) please do this w/o penalty?

Editor Log: September 11, 2000

O mighty dem bones: after my binge of yesterday, I felt a twinge of remorse. Thus I did visit punch thyself, once and again, and then felt better.

Writeups removed:

I said to myself "I will not kill today!" ... but then I happened across ...


I could've sworn I had a list of 'em here. Where'd they go? Anyhoo, here's a new list:
gyuhbdxk, Because Einstein was dum!

The Young and the Nodeless

And these are yesterday's cast of shadows, which only a (god) may lay to rest:
Parise, lame-o, lamer, Lamont, lampropeltis, Lan, lana, steve, Landivar2, Lan_rover, lapax, lapis, LapTop006, lar, larafae, LARRY B, larry wolfe, LarryH, LarsFromMars

Editor Log: September 15, 2000

Writeups removed


Users /msg'd

I actually helped some noders in the Nursery! Who'd of thunk it. Usually they flee the moment I appear. Sometimes they stop to type "Eeeep!" first. I can't imagine why, can you sensei?

I had a looooong talk with Antisonic in The Chambers of Sith. I don't know how much it helped, but I hope for the best. It's tough to be young and idealistic. I think. I barely remember either...

/msg flip Hi I recommend a big fix or a nuke request on to node or not to node because I *really* hate this kind of stuff.
Ok, maybe there is a reason they flee like that ...

Nodes that cry out for help

Webby's mechanical definition of Childlessness is so ... cold. This is a subject that , with the right author, could yield a really meaningful w/u. I wish I knew a good way to publicize this kind of node ... although the catbox cattle call came out OK.

The Young and the Nodeless

Found nodeless and long away: Floss, dajoba

Other thoughts

As per dannye's suggestion yesterday I looked at some of MegAaron's oeuvre. Only C! ME NOW DAMN IT! DON'T MAKE ME SHOOT! (currently -5) stood out as totally meritless, and since I can't kill it w/o leaving a nodeshell, I passed.

Editor Log: September 16, 2000

Users nuke request

Someone please do in E1 user sonuvbob and all of his nodes. They all refer to "THE CULT" which seems to have been him and his warez buddies. Sometimes it's via pipes so it looks half-decent until you click it. I looked at every node, and they're all this same sort of junk.

Writeups removed

Saige had a "Marked for Destruction" w/u in the beaurocratic clergy node.

Editor Log: September 17, 2000

Writeups removed

1. It wasn't perverse so much as offensive.

Nodeshells E2 can do without: Natalie Portman's clit, GURRRLZ, fuck life

Other thoughts

GuNgA-DiN has quite a lot of stuff at around -3 and -4. Anyone who is feeling bloodthirsty might want to take a look.

coke has two writeups that misspell cocaine as "coccaine". Both responsible noders seem to have departed.

Editor Log: September 18, 2000

Writeups removed:

Please remove these nodeshells: Dugeon Mastering for the first time

Glared at: when I came across this node (idea) by sketch and 5,256,463,876,243 green frogs (thing) by Sinergy

Editor Log: September 19, 2000

Writeups removed:

  • techno-wad (thing) by E1 noder H.B.. Simply names another long-vanished E1 noder.
  • WxManTed (person) by jayms. Fallout from noder's personal war on a Metallica BBS that drifted to E2. I decontaminated the gel. Note that the rest of jayms' stuff is about how he likes Metallica and hates Megadeth. Oh yay.
Please remove these nodeshells (located by request): katyana, shut up about your cunt created by DMan; How I nearly killed Katyana masturbating created by jeremy f. (gods, feel free to edit and remove this line once they're gone.) I'm disappointed in DMan, for stooping to a nodeshell like that.

Glared at: misinformation (idea) by H.B., hedonism by E1 user PhantomAnnoyance and almost everything in Arkansas (the node, not the state).

Editor Log: September 20, 2000

Writeups removed:

Some offensive nodeshells were discovered and/or reported and noted here. Now they are gone. This is good. Please, if you must express displeasure with others, do not use the nodeshelling method. Thank you.

Could someone look at the yug_inverse series on "inserting X into the vagina"? I'm afraid I'm, uhm, not much of an expert on inserting things into the vagina, so I have to ask: "Are these writeups of any value, or should they be banished?"

Finally, the nodeshell Nodes Juliet has made love to seems a bit daft and could probably be sent back to the gel.

Editor Log: September 23, 2000

Writeups removed:

  • Matthew Fucking D. Sinclair (person) by E1 noder HoberMallow. HoberMallow didn't like Matthew D. Sinclair, and said so.
  • Junk nodes by E1 noder zhaus featuring false grammar, incoherence or both.
    Exhibit A: stupid node (thing) by zhaus:
    Exhibit B: uhh (idea) by zhaus:
      uhhhh, um, uh huh. eh? uhh uuuuuhhh heheheh, um, uh. Ugh. eh uh uh uhuhuh heh. uhh...
    I'm sure you get the idea.
  • (thing) by E1 noder Float. Was once the noder's website, no longer resolves to anything.
  • ignore alien orders, cauterize the stump and wait before killing (idea) by E1 noder nick.
    Three identical, senseless w/us:
  • holy trio by nick. Variant of the forgoing.
Killing nick's holy trio left a dangling w/u by billyjoebob. I can't decide what to do with it.

Writeups which puzzle me:

Driveway+Brendan (idea) by lillianvalencia. I'd /msg if I could think of anything to say ...


Nodeshells resulting from the above:
Matthew Fucking D. Sinclair, (gnihT), " and ", repetitively, it,, asdfjl;, meback, mefront, stupid node, uhh,

Sometimes a nodeshell is a thing of beauty. Random nodes divulged the nodeshell erect penis created by girlotron. Well ... I suppose it's possible ... without having met girlotron it's difficult to say for certain. In the same category of serendipity falls the node wet spot created by CitricAvenger.

Users /msg'd

The usual ... a lot of spelling /msgs and some content corrections, too. Also:
/msg job0 Typo "assualted" s.b. "assaulted" in Dee Barnes
The noder fled before I could summon him or her to my lair.
Note that the node is currently DEE BARNES and could use a title edit to de-cap it.

Several to newbie dtyranus to no avail about typos in several nodes, like so:
/msg dtyranus The Five Kingdoms is full of typos: "Kingodoms", "hightst", "hightest", etc. Please fix.
... but to no avail. Possibly so green as not to grok the chatterbox?

Editor Log: September 25, 2000

Writeups removed:

  • Special K (person) by Kaoslord (last seen Feb 6/00).
    An incoherent ode to his girlfriend.
  • (place) and Nobody Likes List (thing) by Kaoslord.
    Advertising his website. I hate this, as regular readers will have detected. Put it in the home node, people!
  • eric's nice shiny node (thing) by drive-by noder esteil and active noder Lord Brawl.
    Eric's was simply 2 hard links to microserfs and page of cool. Mine was just dumb.
  • 1982 by E1 noder drafider. He was born then. Whoopee.
    /msg'd active noder xtype about a similar w/u in the same node.
  • '82 by drafider. Just philler.
  • BOIS (thing) by drafider. He thought it was BIOS, but apparently it ain't.
  • email address (thing) and (place) by drafider.
    Gave his email address. How quaint.
  • carter (person) by drafider Here it is in all its glory:
      carter is misha carter's last name

Nodeshells:, Nobody Likes List and eric's nice shiny node (emptied by my hand);
I assumed that masterYoshi was being Ironic and
herbman is a tit for banning * (found like that).

The cupcakes are talking to me created by derc

In a related item, I noticed that has one of those written-by-nobody w/us in it.

Glared at

everything node metanode link nodeshare turf war sex virus meme;

The Young and the Nodeless

esteil - I killed his only w/u. Thx, sensei.


I softlinked the largest household object i can insert in my vagina to nate's laptop. Both appeared in "random nodes". It seemed right somehow. I'd best stop and go to bed, I think.

Editor Log: September 26, 2000

Writeups removed:

  • Todd Wheeler (idea) by drive-by noder queuetue. User's sole w/u. Content:
  • The *REAL* Pi, wants you and Redundant by qwex.
    All philler of one kind or another. User is now totally denoded.
  • 1972 (idea) by E1 noder evro. evro was born in 1972. Whee.
  • 1973 (idea) by fled user Axodys. Axodys was born in 1973. Whee.
    gleep and Cugel the Clever did this too, they narrowly avoid the hammer by including a factoid.
  • (thing) by gleep. User's website. Put it in your homenode, people.
  • 1974 (idea) by fled user Aatu. Aatu was born in 1974. Whee. There was a factoid:
    But as this was Aatu's only w/u, I killed it. Witness Earn your bullshit in action.
  • 1975 (idea) by E1 noder meyerr. meyerr was born in 1975. Whee.
  • 1976 (place) by E1 noder lbspanky. lbspanky was born in 1976. Whee. There was a factoid:
    But after checking lbspanky's few other w/us, I killed it. Witness Earn your bullshit in action.
  • deathbed (place) by lbspanky. Pointless and linkless:
      a place where you take a nap for a while.
  • 1979 (thing) by E1 noder Cliph and fled user Lanatha. Cliph and Lanatha were born in 1975. Whee.
  • Shit Eating and eating shit by fled user ResearchMonkey Ugh. /me shudders.
  • Scott Russell, Todd Wheeler and Aubrey Alexander by ResearchMonkey.
    User makes lame nodes about all his coworkers. Editor removes them. Film at 23:00.
  • hand job and fat dick (things) by E1 noder anonymous bastard.

Nodeshells: wants you, Shit Eating, eating shit, Todd Wheeler, Aubrey Alexander

Glared at

qmeans (idea) by qMeister. The w/u's all right but what's with the title? It's the only node of an E1 noder, to boot.

The work of ResearchMonkey received some attention.

The Young and the Nodeless

18,670 noders? So many. Perhaps there are too many noders in the pool, which causes the unsightly cloudiness sensei noticed. Time to hunt down nodeless and abandoned accounts...

E1 noders, never logged in:
QGJ_RJ, quarky, quasar_30, Quatzl, Queen V, quent, questor, quickey, quinnb, Quixote, qulythug, quonsar, Quoz, QwikSand922, Aatu

Created in the 1st half of '00:
Quasimeta, Qubit, querity, quickdeath, quisqualis, quod, quonone, qwex

Created in July or August '00:
Q-master, Qblade, qfour20, Qoquaq, Quadranaro, quantumsquirrel, Quixotic, quux, qwerty the barbarian

Users /msg'd

/msg Nero Could you format Jumbo a bit, please?
/msg JeffMagnus Do you value your w/u in 1978? I've been killing similar w/u's today...
/msg Tabs FYI I killed Cliph's w/u in 1979 which you refer to.
/msg nine9 Do you value your w/u in 1980? I've been killing similar w/u's today...

Random Node Wisdom

Trojan-Enz Spermicidal Lubricated Gate of Phyrexia

Editor Log: September 30, 2000

Writeups removed:

Cleanup on aisle 5: fled users Mighty_KC and Snipe.

  • Snipe Hunting at the Olympics (idea) by Mighty_KC. Here's a sample of his work:
      Sydney has just announced that they will indeed have Snipe Hunting at the Olympics. It will be held at the Stonewall hotel in the Homosexual district of Sydney. The attendents have been givin notice however some refuse to leave. So the Olympic commitee has decided that Snipes will be worth 5 points, and homosexuals will be worth 10. Homosexual snipes are worth 50. The Mexicans seem to be the heavy favorite since they go around shooting eachother anyway.
  • Tara girl by Mighty_KC
  • One more Smurf Node to shock people by Mighty_KC
  • This Snipe Won't Die by Mighty_KC and Snipe
  • My Rusty by Mighty_KC and Snipe
  • Snipe's bed by Mighty_KC and Snipe

And some other maintenance work:

  • Lucien Bouchard (person) only writeup of drive-by noder PeterMiller.
      Current leader of the Parti Québecois, government of the province of Québec, is a leader comparible to Hitler in his persecusion of the English speaking population the remains in the province. Irrational, insane and prone to feats of immense stupidity, he is a dangerous lunatic that somehow remains in power.
    Ah, the Hitler card. Rhetoric at it's best, isn't it?
  • Air (thing) by E1 noder Ghengis. Mercy Kill (-6)
  • George Bush (person) by fled user h_e. "Highly subjective": Maybe. But that's not enough by itself.
  • fatass (person) by drive-by noder EOF. Content:
    Maybe. But that's not enough by itself.
  • humble and Assistant Crack wh0rez Magazine by The Cow. Self-important bullshit, of the unearned variety.
  • The Imploding Head of Bill Gates (thing) by E1 noder RaptorCK. RaptorCK dislikes Bill Gates. I've alerted the media.
  • skanky slut rosa (person) by fled user nibbles. Mercy kill (-5):
  • Zorin (person) by Iniaes (a personal attack) and a response by nibbles (that should have been a /msg).
  • queef (thing) by Iniaes. Mercy kill (-5). Not worth repeating here.

After I'd mopped up all of the nodegel, there were some empty nodeshells rolling around in the aisle:
Tara girl, One more Smurf Node to shock people, This Snipe Won't Die, My Rusty, Snipe Hunting at the Olympics, Snipe's bed,
fluck, skanky slut rosa

The Nodeless, They Cry Out for Release

Users EOF and The Cow are bereft of w/us and can be put down.

Ghosts in the Machine

The account of PeterMiller may be deleted without loss.

Ghost droppings

The following nodeshells could be filled or removed:, NUNS CAN SUCK IT!, those really hot asian girls who only hang out with other really hot asian girls, goddamn nodeshell whiners

I do not deal in kindness

But for those who do, love of my life has a "zap me" request by burnboy.

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