Read Me First: Getting Started on E2 has been renamed to E2 Quick Start because the name was too damn godawful long.

Writeups killed:

  • Moon-faced by Moronic: "ok..i know a girl with a face like that..ok".

  • spellbound rocketship champion by Moronic "im the stangest alive i can't feel love in the core of my soul godamnit...i want to love...holly...".

  • I hate people by ging (long gone): "People Suck and we all know it. The worst are all the bad drivers who hop into their SUV bumper cars and go willy nilly without opening their eyes. Mean people suck too. Stupid People Suck. Stupid people are annoying. you should try not to be stupid." Self-explanatory.

  • Horny at the Union by m0id: Linkless, unformatted gobbledygook.

  • roller coasters by MightyWang: Blah blah blah beer bong blah blah blah blunt, no hardlinks.

  • VioLenT BoB by vbob37: Empty writeup. He was here for six minutes. Hey, Everyone2, should we have a town meeting about this one?

  • Things that make you realize how barbaric we are still by Drebin: Blah blah blah, ". . . She was all fucked up, and she was crying. It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Old people should kill themselves." They're not the only ones. No hardlinks, either.

  • What's with arms? by Drebin: Nonsensical drivel, no hardlinks.

  • Deep thoughts and struggles in life by Andoline: Gibberish, no hardlinks. Another drive-by.

  • does it make you feel better? is it allright now? by westfoss: Your radical ideas about resenting your girlfriend aren't actually all that radical. Then there's the spelling, the grammar, and the lack of hardlinks.

  • Apollyon by chaos2: "Certain Caltech alumni have claimed to have conversations with this entity, mentioned in the Bible only once." No hardlinks.

  • hit or miss by Jandarian: Semi-coherent, no hardlinks.

  • resolve itself by Jandarian: Incoherent, one hardlink.

  • Inverse of the Nothing by Jandarian. Vague, pretentious arglebargle, signifying nothing: "Not knowing where I was to go, this mind could only hold that faintest grip on what only fools would call reality. For is not the doubt, forcast as it is by experience, left to resolve itself, numbed to dumbness as the willful mind can be? I dare not leave this in your hands, for even they can not always be found."

  • Masurbation -- Unleashing Evil or Squelching the Beast? by Kwantum: Yet another drive-by full of sound, fury, and vague generalities.

  • the guy by ave (never seen on E2): "the guy is very "fonzy" cool. he wears shades and a tie and pants." Why? Why do people do this?

  • fuck bus by sneak444: "A pimps [sic] limo? ;-) The A-team van? what?" I've /msg'd him twice already about his writeups. I informed him of this.

  • Inverse of the Nothing by ralph noder: He copied and pasted my remarks on the original writeup above, along with the text of the original writeup. I informed him. It's not a very good idea to do that.

Those users who seemed likely to return were informed.

And thanks to kanji for putting some real work into his writeup in fuck bus. It was a kill-me, so I leaned gently on him, and he completely rewrote it. It's a good writeup now. I'm happy to have it here.

Nodeshells to remove: Inverse of the Nothing

Nuked I'll suck yours if you'll suck mine! by sion. No links, consisted of "*offers to swap lolly pops with you* bwahahahaha!! sucked in fool!" ...Who's the more foolish, the fool, or the fool that follows him?

Also excised a November doubleheader called Rigo Suave, with one long-gone noder saying that it was the name and hit song of a Hispanic musician, and another saying (correctly) that it's Gerardo and his hit was actually called Rico Suave. ...Mi nombre no es Rico.

Say a tearful goodbye to some misspelled words from The Simpsons:

tregoweth also asked me to delete embiggened once he had moved its contents to embiggen, the root form of the word. ...I don't know why he wanted me to nuke it. It's a perfectly cromulent word.

Someone tried posting an advertisement under the title for ur information, consisting of the following text: "Jut wanted U all to know that there is a up and coming new Comapny on it's way. It's called [deleted]. It is the leading company so far in vaccines in US. If u would like to know more bout this new adventure check it out at www.[deleted].com". ...If you want to annoy noders with commercials, you can darn well buy a banner ad like everyone else.

Nuked Fuck Face by sneak444 - consisted of "Ever wonder what kind of cunt faced, shit eating, pig fucking, dick sucking, mung munching, cocksucker came up with the idea for this site? And how about the sick repressed fuck faces that post this acinine shit here? ;lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..." You get the idea. ...Thank you for the autobiography.

Ditto sneak444's fuck face nuked in less that two minutes. "Jesus that was fast, never underestimate the power of a level ten user." ...Level 7*, actually.

Ditto four of five copies of a writeup called "subway.". How that happened is beyond me, but I confined myself to removing the duplicates. The original may get removed on its own merits or lack thereof, but I'll let it stand for now.

Ditto art is the self, consisting entirely of: "{.............} {...............} {..............} {...........} {.....} {........................} Figure it out." No links.

Ditto lip synch, containing only "hello v0Oo0 pete -Oov fine -0Ov day -0- isn't 0O-- it o-".

After msg'ing the author several times, I asked dannye to investigate whether we need further contributions. Then I went to bed and slept the deep sleep of the exhausted warrior who has been relieved by reinforcements.

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