Editor Log: October 17, 2000
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I removed the following writeups in the past few days:
  • The REAL Perfect Girlfriend by ashelton. Nearly linkless, requested by yam.
  • Keyser Soze by The-Great-Killfile - He thinks he's Keyser Soze.
  • Keyser Soze by jamesm - He thinks he's the devil. Emphatically.
  • Keyser Soze by Keyser Soze - One word: "Hiya!" This user account will be removed as well. You may think it's cute at the time, but most people, like me, think you're an idiot, and if I had the power, dumbass moves like this would come with penalty for the real person that did it.
  • Keyser Soze by kevingpo - Some gibberish about how Keyser Soze is just Kaiser Sozey misspelled. Linked to more gibberish.
  • Someone's been messing with my anti-paranoia medication! by Everyone2 - Essentially wondering how long the account will be around before someone decides to kill it. With writeups like this, not long I should imagine.
  • Putting the ten commandments up in courthouses by MonkeySpanker and enterfornone - both were low quality and ranked at -4.
  • nym by KBert - "nym" repeated over and over with links to oblivion.
  • Whatever you say Zack by Wandering Pilgrim - What his friends say to him because they think he's an idiot.
  • FLEX? How do IN peops like ARECHEW think that they're NOT pathetic? Do we not think this is pretend? by ideal - Three word writeup linking to:
  • abusedfake by ideal - More bullshit linking back to the crap above, if I remember correctly.
I killed writeups by the following stileproject trolls: I didn't keep track of what I killed by them. It wasn't worth the effort, believe me. Some of them I may not have personally killed a writeup but discussed with other editors.

Many of them were /msg'd by me. Unless it was an obvious troll, I /msg'd them an introduced them to my first writeup and the Everything FAQ and University. Tough titty if they didn't want to listen and preferred to troll.

Cooled: In addition, I /msg'd about a thousand new users and tried to get them in on the know and /msg'd a few older users about writeups that could use some work. If you see a /msg from me mentioning something that needs improvement, please don't think I'm being rude or a prick. I'm just trying to help you out with older writeups you probably forgot you wrote.

Ultima Ratio Editorum:

/msg ieatbabies666 I eat babies could use some work: It drifts off the topic. Communism is really irrelevant. You might want to tell us why you eat babies, your favorite recipes, and perhaps an amusing anecdote about grocery shopping. Thanks in advance.

At dannye's characteristically tactful suggestion, we renamed Read Me First: Getting Started on E2 to E2 Quick Start, because it's easier to remember and quicker to type. With all due respect (and more!) to Lord Brawl and the fine folks who wrote the Everything FAQ and Everything University, I've had a bug up my ass for months now about how the FAQ and University are verbose and comprehensive (and my first write-up is mostly just a pointer to those things). That's not a bad thing, but God knows I've never had the patience to wade through it all myself. How many new users will read all that before jumping in? Not many, I would imagine, but there's information scattered throughout which they need now.

Therefore, I believe very strongly that there is a need to have something short enough that most of them will read it: Just tell them the bare minimum they need to know to get off on the right foot. Hence E2 Quick Start, as the name implies. Do I nodevertise? Indeed, yes, and that bothers me. I'd rather have the thing an un-vote-on-able superdoc or something, but then I wouldn't be able to maintain it. I want this thing to be useful. I welcome suggestions. Our intake of new users is important, and we're not handling it as well as we could.

Made it back from my trip. Looks like I missed all the "fun". For some reason, all the serious whackos tend to wait 'til I go away before they start yammering. But anyway...

Killed: paluka's writeup in Nookie. Total Content: "I give it up for the nookie meaning i give it up for the pussy ... nookie=pussy". Not so. Even if it was, not enough.

Nodes Almost Edited: I was gonna change paluka's node title for pappa roach to Papa Roach, but dannye kacked the writeup before I could make the change, so I just deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: sneak444's writeup in repitition. Total content: "The unnoticed pattern is the most beautiful." And the misspelled node title with the smarmiest NFN is the most quickly nuked. Also zapped the nodeshell.

Killed: sneak444's writeup in subway. Yes, with a period. Total content: "O God my head hurts Like the subways pounding loud Changing air preasure a hiku". Yes, "hiku". No line breaks, no links, no punctuation. Also zapped the nodeshell.

Deleted Users: got rid of BattleActionJesus. Had no writeups, and the only one he'd had (referenced above in wharfinger's writeup) was trollish and stupid. Look him up in Node Heaven -- it seems pretty clear he never would've contributed anything.

I want to apologize for not posting an Editor Log in a while. I feel really bad about it.

But, I've made a decision to quit posting the Logs. I don't mean to come off as special or anything; and I think folks here who know me understand that I don't care about any of that sort of stuff. My one and only concern is for the nodegel, the data base, and the shiny happy noders holding hands.

I'll just list my reasons and let you decide if I'm out of bounds here:

  • I don't have time.
  • I want to spend time writing (something else).
  • I'm tired of explaining what I've done to folks who (mostly) don't care what I think anyway.
  • It became harder and harder to not get cocky in explaining why I was removing stuff.
  • The Stile mini-revolution caused me to realize there were just not enough hours in the day to nuke and log. I never realized so many folks could be so jealous of a website. Pitiful.
  • Nate has made node heaven for those who used to ask, "Where did my fucking w/u go?"
  • MoJoe doesn't do it.
  • OK, that last one wasn't a real good reason, was it?
  • You should already know why your w/u was removed, if you really want to hang around here.

I'll add more later, if I think of them. But I appreciate the time you Editors and gods spend in this effort, and I especially appreciate the time sensei has put into the activation and the concept here. So please don't think of this as disrespectful. And I hope my attitude here doesn't cause others to rethink the great work they do in logging all this material.

Think of it as my perfect assimilation into the nodegel which asks no questions nor requires any answers.

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