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When did you join the E2 Crowd? authored by --OutpostMir--. This noder has been /msg'd that his node is being nuked because he can find out the information on anyone in the system by visiting their home node.

Moved from August 20

I've nuked tens and tens and tens of nodes today, but they were all requested by their authors.

Mormon Teen Loses Inhibitions After Third Benadryl a nodeshell by sfc

Uberfetus posted the notice in E2 nuke request that the noder named Audacity quit. I check, and yes, he wiped his (probably xy by the tenor of the titles) nodes, packed up his marbles and split. He had 57 empty writeups which I nuked. It only affected two noders, one of whose responses I nuked (no -XP) because the loss of context annihilated the second writeup (that noder /msg'd of same); and another noder who has been /msg'd that their response is now shaky contextually. Now the user's node Audacity needs to be nuked as well, please.

you're welcome dannye. I did spent probably 7+ hrs cleaning up titles and nuking today.
August 2, 2000: August 3, 2000: August 5, 2000: August 6, 2000: August 7, 2000:
  • Killed Madonna: "Looks great when naked!" by farlight. I killed it on E1 too.
  • Killed Portishead: "Possibly the coolest band in existence." by sane23. I killed it on E1 too.
  • Killed rosetta stone: "Porl King and his bunch of dodgy Mersey black-clad reprobates" by Surfboy. I killed it on E1 too.
August 8, 2000: August 11, 2000: August 13, 2000: August 17, 2000: August 23, 2000:
  • Killed protein: "proteins make the world go round" by slinted. I killed it on E1 too.
August 24, 2000: August 28, 2000: August 29, 2000:

Note how I do it by month. This makes it easier to find why your writeup was killed if you don't know the exact date, and it only gets me one writeup per month. No NFN for me!

Killed a writeup in stupid people which was an uncredited cut-and-paste job, with an insulting whine about downvoters tacked on at the end.

Editor Log: August 11, 2000

I didn't have time to kill anything at all. I sent out around more spelling /msgs to users today then I have votes (around 97) and did the dance of:

/tell newbie Hi. Welcome. Please read Tip of the Day, Everything FAQ, and, for the best mileage, Everything University. Questions? Everything 2 Editors. Have fun.

perhaps 6 or 10 times.

I forget.

Oh, and I had a silly wu of my own nuked because I didn't know what I was talking about.

Exciting day, neh?

Forgive me my laxness dem bones. I'll try to find some linkless, pointless Nov. 13, 1999 nodes to kill tomorrow.

Editor Log: August 12, 2000

Ack. Yet again, dem bones, I have been weak in the flesh for I have not killed this day.

Instead I have sent around 70 /msgs about typos, greetings, and tried to explain link and link and such.

Forgive me dem bones, for tomorrow I shall surely kill. Really. I am mean. I am. I am.

Editor Log: August 15, 2000

Uh, just spelling and grammar /msgs dem bones. Around 60. A few "Welcome. Please read Everything FAQ" etc. etc. to new users.

But yesterday and the day before I killed lots of stuff, dem bones. I did. Really. I don't remember what exactly but they were all November 13th nodes. Either linkless or pointless or both and by users who have permanently left the building.

I'll do better tomorrow.

Editor Log: August 16, 2000

dem bones, the following have been killed and are offered up.

  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Pogue Sat Nov 13 1999 at 10:20 utc
  • nodeshells needing liberation (thing) by current Reputation: -5 Wed Aug 16 2000 at 08:52 utc
  • nuking the nodeshell to save the nodeshell also -5, also by current
  • Jutaijutsu by vildman Fri Aug 4 2000 at 11:47 utc for linklessness after many many pleading messages

Editor Log: August 17, 2000

dem bones, thus have I killed:

  • Argh! by my least favourite noder, sensei. Why? Just because I was feeling mean.
  • Cat and Mouse by my very favourite noder, Jinmyo. Why? She asked me to. She didn't care about the XP loss, just wanted it gone.
  • grade point average by Mirabellia Crumbsuckler. Gone user, pointless Nov 13 1999 node.
  • halfpipe by adamx.Gone user, pointless Nov 13 1999 node.
  • funner by zetes. Pointless. User has left the building. There is also one by g force that is equally pointless but tied to a few other nodes about the way he and his brother communicate with each other. So I'll leave it for now.

Editor Log: August 19, 2000

dem bones, these are now no more.
  • infinite loop by pi. Yet another silly recursiveness joke.
  • Robert Fripp by alizarine. Did not even list the album name correctly.
  • Prince Edward Island prukavina. Linkless three word writeup. It took more much more time and effort to kill it and write this.
  • foot odor by aswartz. Poinless Nov 13 node.
  • toss salad by Ground Control. Regretfully as I like this noder and provided the option to have it nuked. Why? Repulsive and pointless.
  • prevent hangovers by ohe. Gone user, two word writeup.
  • smorn by varanus. Gone user, pointless No. 13 writeup.

Editor Log: August 20, 2000

Forgive me dem bones for I have not killed today.

Instead, I sent typo msgs (around 50) and greeted several new users.

Ooo, our first editor log. Break out the bubbly.

Killed: "tard" by murple (Total content: "Everyone who is not murple." Oh, you dog. How the ladies must swoon over you.) and by j_f (Total content: "See murple." Funnier, but essentially pointless, especially with murple's writeup gone). Both writeups were freakin' ancient, and neither noder has logged in since the days of E1.

Killed: "tards" by murple (Total content: "The majority of humanity." Waste of bandwidth.) and by j_f (Total content: "People who think the CD-ROM tray on their computer is a cup holder." Is that it? Is that the best he could do? NFNers burn in hell).

Didn't mean to pick on these two idjits--they just got in my way and were visibly stupid.

astern | avast

To avoid NFN I am slowly consolidating and deleting older logs.

August 15th:

I killed You are a cockface by Sinergy as it was pointless and offensive. Leaves a nodeshell that can be deleted. I could go to town on Sinergy's E1 nodes and E2 would not be the poorer IMHO.

August 16th:

August 17th:

Advice requested: Jhrulith's torso node looks like a cut and paste job from Kill it? Audit Jhrulith for more?

August 18th:

  • Killed chicken dream by vitorcon. Node contents:
    Due to an bug we had some data corruption today, so I'm restoring from my backup of last night. Sorry to those of you who lost nodes... the price of real-time development... --nate

Editor log: August 19, 2000

Nodes removed:

Users /msg'd

/msg'd hackwrench (who was on) repeatedly. Told the user to request node nukes on: clever hard-linking tricks, help, help chatterbox. Asked for hard links in: making things more complicated than they need to be, major axis. No response. Finally I said:
/msg hackwrench Hello? Are you listening? Tomorrow I'm going to walk your nodes, and if there are no hardlinks or it's just newbie confusion I'm gonna kill it...

/msg'd romi (who was on) and asked for hard links in: hip-hop and happiness.

/msg'd thopkins to suggest hard links in was? and Joe DiMaggio.

Editor log: August 20, 2000

Nodes removed:

Users /msg'd

Several users about typos.

Other thoughts

User Booth has created metric system and the metric system which are identical down to the typos. Should one be removed?
User Fufie has a lot of worthless nodes, all form E1 - just none quite bad enough for me to kill!

Node killing theme song

From The Arrogant Worms song "Goin' Huntin'"
Oh, we're goin' huntin'
We're gonna kill somethin'
I don't care what it is
Maybe a raccoon, maybe a gopher,
Maybe the neighbour's kids!

Written by The Arrogant Worms.
The Arrogant Worms Dirt Pile -->

Editor log: August 27, 2000

Writeups removed:

I have started a new quest to limit the plethora of nodes about the EDB. My first target: drive-by noder EDBDB, with 5 nodes, all about the EDB.

I left EDBDB's final node, borg, because it had a 5 rep (before I -d it) and had been C!'d

Some EDB nodes by (a deleted user account) - probably EDB itself (the <TT> tags give it away) Since the user is gone, I figure a few less EDB nodes is good.

I left the "EDB" node for What part(s) of EDB have you assimilated? so as not to render zot-fot-piq's node incomprehensible.

Other EDB related nodes:

The Cara* Massacre

Cara* blanked all her nodes but one. JP and I went through and killed all the blanks. My share:

Users /msg'd

The usual spelling stuff.

Other thoughts

The DMan fuss this afternoon made me sad.

Editor log: August 30, 2000

Writeups removed:

  • Hannah Goldberg (person) by drive-by noder reviloj: Not a node for the ages. Content:
    A student at the University of Michigan studying to be an engineer. Nodeshell remains.
  • Pet Shop Boys (thing) also by reviloj Thrilling content:
    Pet Shop Boys released a new album last November, entitled Nightlife. I am lucky enough to have a limited edition copy of Nightlife.
  • Gatorade (thing) by reviloj Today's winner of the Well, duh award. Content:
    Gatorade is currently sponsoring a promotion where you can win all sorts of prizes. This is an advertising ploy to get you to buy Gatorade.
  • shotgun (thing) by shea100 11/13. I dithered, then let the rep: -5 sway me. Content:
    Random family member eliminator
  • malt whisky (thing) by shea100 11/13. Content:
    A drink that'll kill yah.
  • budda (person) by E1 user flymike. No content but a <br> tag.
  • homosexuals (person) by flymike. Rep -13. Content:
    Example of Homosexual Steve a Short Homosexual Midget who loves guys named tim

Note to new users: The death knell for shea100 and reviloj's otherwise merely pointless nodes was the lack of hard links. Pointless + no links = removed. See also reviloj's remaining node Songs of Leonard Cohen. I wanted to kill it too, due to its lack of hard links, but it does have information. So I refrained. But don't do that.

Disturbingly when I killed flymike's homosexuals node, the prompt was:

Kill "homosexuals (person)" ?
OK Cancel

The MolochHorridus project

MolochHorridus, an E1 user, created this nodestring of 25 random babblings called Moloch's Alleyway:1 through Moloch's Alleyway:25.

  • I collapsed all of the Moloch's Alleyway:x nodes into Moloch's Alleyway using a new user ID created for the purpose. (Using everyone occured to me once it was too late.) I even did all of the piping. Too much work for too little gain.
  • I killed all 25 nodes in the nodestring. This leaves 25 nodeshells. Anyone care to delete 'em?

Users /msg'd

The usual spelling stuff.
/msg Finn Could you hard link in the perfect man please?

Other thoughts

My job interferes with my noding.

Editor log: August 31, 2000

Writeups removed:

If we're going to remove DMan's nodes when he is seen to be insulting other users, as was done yesterday, this sort of stuff has to go too. I think that fondue's DMan and Fuckwits who label every node they don't like a "getting to know you" node fucking suck, DMan should be deleted too, for the same reason, but fondue is an active user, so I would like another opinion before I proceed.

From August 30

Father Bones needs blood to drink; I can hear his call! I must sate his thirst...

  • Why snipe must be killed by Mighty_KC and Sarahphim: (sigh)... This node is a good example of why we now have the XP system. Immature jokes about killing your friends because they "get laid much more" does not constitute a node. In my opinion, this node was more worthy of killing than snipe ever was.

  • The Big Lebowsky by Nov. 13 user FusionGyro: Poor spelling on a subject which has already been beat to death under the proper spelling.

I also /msg'ed Ninja-Lad and told him to move slight of hand to sleight of hand and have his old node nuked.

Lastly, I have contacted Nailbunny and will (in the course of the next several weeks or so) be systematically going through her writeups, helping her fix all of her poor spelling and grammar. She seemed receptive and grateful.

From August 31

Sentenced to death for crimes against humanity:

  • military boys by the AWOL sexndeath, here reprinted in its entirety: "evil". Thanks, Shakespeare. Hope you weren't too attached to that 5 XP.

  • Revolting Cocks, Bender's lone writeup: "Most cocks are very revolting". A lame attempt at trying to be funny about an already-funny band name.

  • A number of dimwitted writeups by the deranged What Me Worry:

    • He Man: "HeMan loves everything. I love Doritos. Doritos make fat people." Keen observations, pal.

    • Bwa: "The only way to start Bwa ha ha!"

    • ultimate power: "I am the Ultimate Poser^H^H^H^H^H Power in the Universe!!! Bwa ha ha!"

    • He Man is great: "Although True, simply created because I ran into a hanging link by Night Goat, not to be confused with a Night Cow."

    • corrupts: "plural of corrupt." Hate to burst your bubble, my uneducated friend, but it's the singular.

    • all women and belittling: I can't tell if these are sexist or stupid. Is there a difference?

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