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This is it??? Well, yeah, I guess those unfortunate souls who stumbled upon this node are rapidly dashing for that back button.

If not, then I shall proceed to babble.
What do I do?
1) Work. As a sysadmin. I am the harvester of ba.ndwidth.
2) Design a keen RPG. Ok, so it's not keen yet. But it's almost keen! I'll have a website for it eventually. I call it Dark Horizons.
3) Turn said RPG into a computer game. Tabletop games are fun, but so is getting paid, a.nd for that matter, showing off what everything should look like.
4) Helping a friend make an amateur Star Wars film. Can someone get in touch with Natalie Portman for me? If so, thanks.
5) Sleep. Not much, admittedly, but I do. Oh no,&.blasphemy!
6) Wasting my smoke budget on computers.