A line of sailboats from Catalina Yachts comprised of the Morgan 38 and the Morgan 45.

A small car firm based in Malvern, England. Morgan Ltd. first began to produce cars in 1910, and still does to this day, reamining one of the few independant car manufacturers in England. In 1918 they opened 'The Works' on Pickersleigh Road in Malvern and there they remain to this day, still building the cars by hand.

Throughout the 20th century Morgan raced their cars with some degree of success. Production ceased during the war, with the factory being put to use for the war effort making things like AA gun parts and aircraft undercarriage.

Surprising as it is, the chassis of the cars were still made of wood until very recently, still are entirely hand built, and currently use Rover and Ford engines. In 1990, Sir John Harvery Jones, a respected industrialist visited the Morgan factory and advised the Morgan family on ways to update it so that the antiquated methods used to manufacture the cars became more efficient. Until this the waiting list stood at something like 7 to 8 years, and with production at only a few cars per week (5 or so I believe) showed no signs of reducing. Following Sir John's visit production rose to 11 cars per week in 1999, and the waiting list has been significantly reduced, although it still stands at roughly 3 to 4 years.

Prices start at £18,375 and you can get more info, and pictures of the distintive Morgan shape, at the web site below!

Living in Malvern, about half a mile away from the factory I've seen loads of these of these cars driving around, but since moving away I see far fewer, although there is one that drives past my window every day. I think they're gorgeous cars, but it's certainly a matter of taste - you either love them or you hate them. And from what I hear, they're not that nice to drive, with plenty of power (at least the more expensive ones have) but a pretty cramped driving position.

You can find more, including a detailed history, at http://www.morgan-motor.co.uk

Mor"gan (?), n. (Zoöl.)

One of a celebrated breed of American trotting horses; -- so called from the name of the stud from which the breed originated in Vermont.


© Webster 1913

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