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10 Ways to irritate, annoy, and anger your cat!!!

  • 1. Dunk it in a bathtub of ice cold water.
  • 2. Feed it old tangerines.
  • 3. Follow it around everywhere, and smile constantly.
  • 4. Flip it over, stick your face in its belly, and go "PHHHHTTTT!!!"
  • 5. Bait it with a newspaper or magazine you're pretending to read. When it is about to sit on top of it, suddenly pull it away. Laugh.
  • 6. Stare at it face to face, and make all the cat and "meow" noise variants you know, as if you are attempting to communicate in its "native language".
  • 7. Pet it, while muttering gibberish in a high, ethusiastic voice, such as "oooga looba isha! Ownt yuv a bitty gaddy!" (see also, "Piercisms Generator")
  • 8. Walk it around your neighborhood on a leash.
  • 9. Style its hair. Use lots of gel.
  • 10. Try and teach it to "sit". Be persistent, and don't give up.
  • Juggle while sitting on the floor in front of it. Move your arms around a lot.
  • Turn the electric can opener on and off whenever you pass through the kitchen.
  • Let the bathtub faucet drip slowly. Wait until it goes in the tub to investigate. Turn on the shower.
  • Cats love boxes. Give it one with a small opening, like an empty case of soda with a hole torn in it just big enough for your hand -- or the cat's head. Keep a camera handy.

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