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2020-09-30 Preface: I'm still in «adding» mode. Later, I will start pruning for «interestingness». Send all you can! --A.

Nodes and writeups that:

  1. Have a number in the title, and
  2. Contain things that are enumerated in one way or another, and
  3. Are "Interesting", and
  4. Preferably original material (written by an E2 member, optional)

So the album Ten Summoner's Tales does not qualify in here because it doesn't actually have 10 things enumerated.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Please send suggestions of interesting nodes and writeups that I may have missed. Thanks! --A.

Also, please don't take this as an invitation to start the infinite series "n words about love (n ∈ ℕ)"

Special mentions:

  1. The Welsh Triads. While it's a great list of things that come in threes, I believe it is special enough to have its own listing instead of being put here with strange ideas (Thanks Clockmaker!)
  2. I am forced to smoke my cat it's great, but has no number in the title
  3. E2 has a million nodes on Top 100 things
1 The One   e2node
2 For a boat of white bone, and we three   e2node
3 Three important numbers   e2node
4 Three lies about the sky   e2node
5 Six reasons -- er, four reasons -- why maybe there could be a (nontheistic) God   e2node
6 the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse   e2node
7 The four major Chinese inventions   e2node
8 The Four Noble Truths   e2node
9 Four Treasures of the Island of Ireland   e2node
10 The Four Types of Activist   e2node
11 The Four Virtues   e2node
12 The Four Winds   e2node
13 Zen Story: Four monks settling down to meditate   e2node
14 The five "C"s   e2node
15 Big Five Personality Characteristics   e2node
16 The Famous Five   e2node
17 The Five Basic Responses   e2node
18 The Five Find-Outers   e2node
19 Five Good Emperors   e2node
20 the five groups of Existence   e2node
21 The five most important numbers   e2node
22 The Five Nevers - top kitchen safety rules   e2node
23 The five people you must have in your life at all times   e2node
24 Five steps to used car bliss   e2node
25 Six short poems written on six cold days   e2node
26 Immortal Seven   e2node
27 The Magnificent Seven   e2node
28 The Secret Seven   e2node
29 The seven basic conflicts   e2node
30 The Seven Contrary Virtues   e2node
31 The Seven Deadly Sins of Gilligan's Island   e2node
32 Seven Mothers   e2node
33 Seven social sins   e2node
34 Seven Standards for the Tea Ceremony   e2node
35 Seven Summits   e2node
36 Seven Wonders of the Ancient World   e2node
37 Seven words you can never say on television   e2node
38 Seven words you can say on television   e2node
39 The Seven Chakras   e2node
40 Eight Auspicious Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism   e2node
41 Eight treasure rice   e2node
42 Eight Verses on Thought Training   e2node
43 Eight Virtues   e2node
44 Erikson's eight stages of psychosocial development   e2node
45 The Noble Eightfold Path   e2node
46 Traitorous Eight   e2node
47 Eight or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing   e2node
48 The Nine Choirs of Angels   e2node
49 The Nine Satanic Sins   e2node
50 The Nine Satanic Statements   e2node

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