1. If you're going to use a word processor to prepare a writeup, please open and/or save it as a plain-text file (or as HTML, perhaps). Don't post things that have Windows-only characters in them, as Linux Netscape (et al) will display apostrophes and other such things as question marks (or other odd characters), and not as what you intended. If you're noding in English, allow us all to enjoy it, by using standard ISO 8859-1 characters.
  2. Don't use HTML in node titles, neither tags, which get stripped anyway, nor entities (such as "), which may do the things described in the first item. The solution here is to copy and paste the needed characters into the title - if you have Character Map installed in Windows, it's a piece of cake, or you can copy from everyone's list of entities in E2 HTML Tags, or, as I do, keep an "odd characters" webpage on your hard drive, with a quick link to it on your browser.
  3. (bonez says)- Also, keep in mind that it's fixable. After you click "submit" take a close look how your writeup is displayed. (You should always do this anyway, checking closely for misspellings as well as character displays) If you have some odd question marks or whatnot simply edit them out in the Everything text box and re-type them...they should display properly after that.
  4. Use your E2 Scratch Pad to practice - make it The Perfect Node everytime.

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